well, hello, ordinarytime

I was listening to a podcast about beginning a blog (or sustaining one), and they mentioned consistency.  Does one post a month count?  Probably not. Much less one post every two or three months.

Sorry, ordinarytime. You’ve suffered because of the consistency I’ve had to give to Integrated Catholic Life.  And after all, those posts are more important.  They’re a different animal (as is joanmwatson.com) and I need to dedicate more time to giving pearls of well-written wisdom rather than just posting pictures of food.

But I won’t abandon you forever. I promise.



I’m here to say … nothing much.

My sister and I were discussing the blog world the other day, and where our perspective blogs fit, our readership, etc.  Eerily, Jenny had a similar post the same day, which struck me as funny since she’s one of the blogs I “look up” to in the blog world.

It made me think about this poor excuse for a blog, which I love so much but have neglected so much.  What is it’s purpose?  If I have something somewhat serious or profound, I’m more likely to head over to joanmwatson.com… which has also been neglected this summer.  If I am having a bad day or am going through a crisis that requires writing to process, I’m not likely to post that for the world to see.

Is this blog only good for gratuitous food shots?

IMG_9309an afternoon snack of “assorted toasts” at Pinewood Social

IMG_9387a breakfast treat on the feast of St. Max – a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit from Porter Road Butcher

or worse yet, alcohol shots? (no pun intended.)

IMG_9255Samples at Turtle Anarchy Brewing, in our quest to find the best microbrewery here in Nashville

IMG_9333Samples at Fat Bottom.  You have to admit, they make a pretty scene…

Or maybe glamorous pictures of the single life (since I don’t have cute kids to post, I’ll post dinner parties?)

IMG_9356(photo courtesy of my friend Constanza)

I suppose this is a random blog post to come say that I don’t know what to say, but I’m in the writing mood and felt like coming here to say something.  Perhaps some day I’ll learn how to express what’s in my heart and mind without completely showing all my cards, and then I’ll be able to blog when I’m in these moods without boring everyone with a photo dump of random shots from the summer.

I’ll leave  you with this C.S. Lewis quote.  I found comfort in it this afternoon, although I don’t know how he can be 100% right unless he’s talking about heaven.


But on that note, you should read this story and be jealous that I have one of the best bishops in the country.

 The end.

How’d they find me?

WordPress has a nice statistic page to tell you how many people visit your blog and how they get here.  It’s pretty entertaining to see the things people google and somehow find you.  Some of them just left me scratching my head. Not that they were strange things to google, but why did they lead to my blog? Things like:

  • how to muffle sound of water dripping in bucket   
  • can you paint a bathtub
  • birthday reply convey my regard to elders and love to youngers

Okay, so that last one did leave me wondering.

There seems to be a high demand for Stig-related desserts.  I hope I was able to help.

  • stig helmet car
  • how much for a stig cake
  • how to make a stig cake
  • the stig birthday cakes
  • the stig cake pictures
  • the stig cake ideas
  • stig helmet cake

There were no super crazy ones this time around, but some of them did make me laugh.  Here are some of my favorites:

why being chaste isn’t crazy  Preach it, sista.

how to make an ordinary ice cream?   Is there such a thing? Ice cream is divine.

ganswein driving   Where is he going?
“georg gänswein” fotos     Glad I could help!
“father beautiful” Georg      He is, isn’t he?

I have spinster carved on my bones    Oh dear. I hope I don’t.

i wonder whether carpisa real leather   I heart carpisa.

this type of art was a conglomeration of seemingly random objects, connecting art with ordinary life?     I’m glad that’s a question. Because I’m properly confused.

why cant you drink acidic drinks with chocovine with     Yes, why can’t you with

where is father john paul have not seenhim at ewtn for awhile   Apparently he’s hiding from you.

losing ordinary restaurants    Why did you lose them?

pinewood social giftcard   If they double-book your bowling alley, they’ll give you one. Try it.

duck donuts    A total of 5 people found my blog this way.  Which means five people are fat and happy right now.

joan in ordinary time brunch nashville   This made me happy. 

papal groupies   Why yes I am.

who can afford.a tom.ford apparel   I don’t know, but he can ask me out on a date sometime, whomever he is.

san damiano mass times  This showed up in multiple different ways. Maybe I should post them to help out.

anna maria taigi incorrupt   This will make my dad smile.

hallmark movies involving restaurants   I do love Hallmark movies.  And restaurants.


And my personal favorite….

animatronic baby jesus  




More random fun (on a quiet weekend)

Last weekend I tried to be good — I had a talk to write, and I decided I would say no to all social engagements until the talk was written.  Well… I still managed a few random fun moments, since that’s what I specialize in around here.

Thursday night (so not quite the weekend yet) my friend Jackie and I went to the rodeo.


Thanks to my friends Steve and Barbara, who took me to my first rodeo last year (did I really not blog about that!?), I could say, “Hey, this ain’t my first rodeo.”

I have to pick out my favorite cowboy to root for, and this night it was Mr. Green Chaps.  It turns out Mr Green Chaps is 8th in the country for bull riding.

This is not Mr Green Chaps, but entertaining nonetheless:

The other social event of the weekend was a festival in Germantown, where I went with some friends to grab dinner before Catholic Underground Saturday evening.  This guy made an appearance:

IMG_8147So… a quiet weekend for me = A rodeo and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

The week included dinner with the Bishop from Laredo, TX, who was in town and called me up for a visit, and happily that turned into dinner with two priests, three deacons, and three seminarians from our beautiful diocese.  Then Wednesday night was a iconic Nashville experience that included seeing David Wilcox at Music City Roots and dinner at the Loveless Cafe.

I love this town.

This weekend is the Glory Conference – so say a prayer for all those who have traveled to this amazing city to delve into truth, beauty, and goodness.



Along for the ride

A few days ago I was exiting the grocery store from picking up lunch, and I was walking towards the escalator to the parking garage when a uniformed young man and his non-uniformed friend got on the escalator in front of me.  From the back, it looked like the uniformed man was a policeman – he was all in black with a gun at his hip, his pants tucked into big black boots.  Perhaps he was a security guard of some sort.

We rode down the escalator – yes, rode – because he and his friend were content to lean against the side and take their time getting to the bottom,


I’m okay if the elderly, mothers or fathers with small children, people with their hands full, ride down escalators.  But able-bodied young men – especially one who is theoretically employed somewhere to protect me?  Not only do you not let me go first down the escalator (which, since we were approaching it from opposite sides, at the same time, I kind of expected), you ride it down at you leisure?

Sorry, sir, but your big black boots and your gun are clearly compensating for something.

Your chivalry.

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a sucker for a guy in a uniform.  But a lazy guy in a uniform?  No thanks.  Perhaps I’m getting too used to the chivalry of Detective Murdoch, the main character in the series to which I’m now addicted, thanks to my mother.  He lived in a different era, to be sure, but he would do anything for anyone — women, children, the weak and helpless.  I can’t see him riding down an escalator.  He had important things to accomplish.

Just some random musings.

7 Not-so-quick Takes

1.  I’m overwhelmed with gratitude right now.  God is so good.  I was sitting on my porch tonight, the weather perfect, my citronella candles warding off any scary bugs, and I was overwhelmed with my life.  In fact, my life is so wonderful that I began convincing myself that something awful was just around the corner.  And then I realized — or maybe He reminded me — that God is good, and His blessings are bountiful.  I should be thankful for them rather than assuming life is too good to be true.  So thank you, God.  I’m not sure what I did to deserve this, but thanks.  (Spoiler: we did nothing to deserve anything.)

Earlier this evening I was in a kind of a funk.  I even made a playlist called “Cheer Up,” to listen to while I did the dishes.  But sitting out on my porch, saying my rosary in the dark, something changed.  And I’m glad.  I guess I’m grateful for feelings of gratitude.

I don’t have any news – nothing has really changed in my life – so maybe this praise seems out of left-field.  But when I look around and realize how much other people have to suffer, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the gifts – even the smallest- that He has given me.

2. This year is a bit of a milestone birthday for me, so I’m trying to make big plans.  I may not be where I thought I’d be at this age, but I’m not sure I ever really thought about where I’d be at this age.  Isn’t that kind of funny?  I guess I never thought about growing up and doing anything.  I never dreamed about having ten kids, becoming a doctor, writing the great American novel.  Does that make me a loser?  Perhaps.  But maybe that makes birthdays easier.  I don’t have to blow out candles thinking, “But I didn’t discover the cure for cancer this year.”

Despite my low expectations, it’s still going to be weird to leave this decade of my life, so I’ve decided to celebrate in a big way.  I’m going to the Big Apple.

Maybe if I write it here, it’ll happen.  Because right now I’m having my doubts.  But think of the things I can cross off my bucket list!  Broadway shows!  Bobby Flay’s restaurants!  New York at Christmastime?  Yes, please!  Isn’t it a magical land of store windows, perfect snowfalls, and maybe John Payne walking down the street in a fedora?  No?  Hm. Well, surely Neal Caffrey will be there, right?  Oh, that’s fake, too?  Hm.  Well, it will still be magical.  I know it will.

The only problem is… New York is expensive.  Since most of the friends who could go with me are also single and either students and work for the Church, well, we have our work cut out for us.  But I’m going to make it there.  Somehow.

3. On a completely different note, has anyone else seen American Ninja Warrior?   I heard about it from our new priest on campus, Father Kevin, after he declared to me that he was going to be the first American to conquer Mt. Midoriyama.  I didn’t really get it until I stumbled upon it myself while sick on the couch.  It’s amazing what you watch when you’re feeling too sick to do anything but blow your nose and drink orange juice.

American Ninja Warrior is an obstacle course… for ninjas.  There are various qualifying rounds around the country, but no American has ever completed all four stages of the course.  It’s a spinoff from a Japanese show, and that’s all I really know.  Other than the fact that it’s awesome.

The following clip doesn’t show you half of the insane things these guys have to do, but it shows the salmon ladder, which is my favorite:

The upper body strength of these guys is incredible.  (This is a good example, too; and this is the closest anyone got this year– and is the stage that really got me hooked.) They pull themselves across ledges with only their fingertips.  If you hear about a Catholic priest qualifying, remember you heard it here first.

4. Speaking of things you’ll watch while on your couch sick … did you know the Duggars are still on TV?  I used to watch them all the time.  And now Josh and Anna have three kids!  Where has the time gone?

5. Did I mention I’m leading a trip to Rome next week?  I beg your prayers… not only that we make our connection, but that there are no major mishaps and that we are all open to the graces waiting for us.  I’m counting on your prayers.  And in return… I’ll pray for you!

6. Do I make you suffer through two more of these, just so I can call this 7 Quick Takes?

7.  Happy Birthday to my brother — and happy feast day a day early.  You know, St Matthew – patron of accountants. ; )