I’m just a single gal enjoying life.  While European adventures are wonderful, at some point I needed to enter the real world — at least for awhile.  So here I am.

A wise and holy priest once told me that saints are made in Ordinary Time, in the grind of life.  Now that my Roman adventures are over, I’m enjoying the grind.  We all have our adventures — we just might not recognize them for what they are.

Let’s go be saints.

“An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered;
an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.” -G. K. Chesterton


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    • joanallegretti says:

      At times we just think of saints as people churches are named after or stone statues in our gardens (like St Francis holding a birdbath). But a saint is anyone in heaven. That’s my goal — that’s why I’m on earth right now. Because I was made for Heaven. And if we don’t live our lives working for that goal, we’ll never reach it.
      So that, in a nutshell, is why I want to be a saint. Because that’s what I was made to be. And I want to be happy in heaven with God for eternity! : )

  1. Hi Joan, I enjoyed your post on Rembrandt/Musings. I commented, but being a new blogger, I included a couple of links which I later learned may have doomed my post to your spam folder. Anyway – wanted you to know I enjoyed your thoughts on that topic.

  2. Hi, Joan! I was looking at photographs of Italian stone pines and admired a beautiful image you took during your trip to Rome last year. I’ve written an article about styling bonsai using Italian stone pine which will soon go to press. I’m writing to you to ask permission to use your image 0927 taken on April 12, 2012. It’s a photograph of Italian Stone pines in front of the Colosseum at the end of Via San Gregorio. If you agree to let me use your photograph, I will give you photo credit and send you a copy of the Journal of the American Bonsai Society with the article. You can see some of my articles posted on my website under TRASH TO TREASURE. Thanks for your time.

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