Wanted: Help decorating my office (or at least your ideas)

My new office has LARGE wall space that is just crying out for something on the bigger side.  I have a Fra Angelico print and two photographs (Rome and Assisi) from my old offices, but they kind of disappear on these walls.  While I might be able to group them on one of the walls, at least one of the two walls needs a larger piece.

So, faithful friends, I’m looking for ideas.  I think the most economical plan would be to purchase a poster of a piece of fine art that I could get framed relatively cheaply with just a poster frame from Michael’s.  So what piece of fine art should I choose?  The sky’s the limit- I’m looking for your ideas.  Well, I prefer something religious. But I’m really looking for your thoughts – don’t let the following stop you from suggesting something else.

Rembrandt’s Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee might be a front runner right now, mostly because I need to remember Christ is always in the ship, even if it seems He’s asleep.  (and, let’s face it, partly because I like the guy throwing up over the side.)


But I don’t want to rush into anything, and there are so many great possibilities.  I also have a print of our Cathedral by a local artist, so another possibility is getting that framed alongside a print (by the same artist) of my parish, St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows (which I would have to acquire, but I think the pastor could help me out with that!)

by Phil Ponder

by Phil Ponder

Oh, and my dad has this jewel back home — if I stole it from him over the weekend, it’s most apt given our current climate.  But the Bishop might prefer something more refined and less cheeky.


So, friends, what do you think?  Do I need a picture of the Blessed Mother instead?  Or something that more directly relates to adult faith formation? And does anyone have an idea other than a place like allposters or Amazon?

Sound off in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Wanted: Help decorating my office (or at least your ideas)

  1. Amy says:

    I agree that a poster framed at Michael’s (or Hobby Lobby, etc.) is the way to go. I have Rembrandt’s Return of the Prodigal Son hanging in my office. I have posters of Fra Angelico’s Annunciation, Caravaggio’s Call of Matthew, and Michelangelo’s Last Judgment, all of which I would love to frame and add to the collection. (I think I got them all on different trips to Rome; sorry I can’t help you with “where.”)

    I really think the choice of print is what speaks to you. Since I’m working on my workshops for next week’s conference, I’m thinking that Beauty is a means of encountering God, and while I’m sure the print of the Cathedral is beautiful…well, for me, that’s just not the same as Rembrandt, et al.

    I never noticed the guy throwing up before! That is too funny. I may have to show that for my workshop on Ignatian meditation next week.

    • Hm, that’s a good point about the architectural prints — I think I need something more inspirational in my office.

      I do have the Calling of Matthew from Rome. But it’s a really wonky size.

      Another neat thing about that painting — there are also 13 disciples in the boat — Rembrandt painted himself in there. Or you.

      • Amy says:

        LOVE that! After seeing this post I changed the meditation in my workshop from walking on water to calming of the storm so that I could post this pic. Thanks for the PERFECT additional details. 🙂

        And yeah, my Calling of Matthew poster is a weird size too. But you have to custom frame anyway, right?

  2. Liza Downey says:

    I think you need that St. Mary’s print. But, I would think so. That, or his steeples of Nashville is good, too – lots of great Phil Ponder ones. I don’t see the Man for All Seasons poster as cheeky – I mean, think about your job. It’s not like you’re the CEO. You’re a fun person in a fun (hard work, yes I know, but) role. Let it start conversations. Both Ponder and All Seasons do that, IMO, more so than just a work of art people have either seen before or gloss over as “office stuff.” Even though it has significant meaning, does it engage you? Will it engage visitors? Can you single it out and make a larger point in a meeting and/or a meditation? I know the answer is yes for all of those to Rembrandt – so I’d vote that one for sure…

    In other words, I vote for all three pictured. Haha. In Re the BVM, I think it would have to be a very special image. I mean, they’re all special – but, an apparition or an artist or a sculpture that is really unique and doesn’t look like every other framed picture they’ve passed in the building on the way to your office 😉

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