Thoughts after Chapter 1

I’ve spent the last day wading through Laudato Si and plenty of articles and blog posts about it.  I’ll be honest- because I think I can still be transparent and frank here – I’m still sorting out my own mind about it.  After finishing the first chapter, I’m uncomfortable with the amount of “science” in it and am hoping the second chapter has more theology. But that’s just my honest opinion.

So I’m not finished with it, but I wanted to come here and share some links in case you have questions yourself.

Father Barron’s commentary is excellent, and after listening to his refreshingly clear and insightful comments, I found myself wishing he had been on the committee to help draft the document. Watch here.

Father Pius is a Dominican priest studying in Rome, and he shares some good initial thoughts on the encyclical here.

Here’s a good round-up of quotes you won’t hear the mainstream media speaking about: 11 Things You Won’t Hear…

One thought as I close.  I was looking over my notes to teach RCIA last night, and I happened to use the notebook that I also used to teach church history a few years back.  I happened to open to my notes on Galileo, so I took a second to look over them.  I had tried to set the scene for my students – what the study of science was like at the time, how science was seen as natural philosophy and thus was naturally related to the studies of theology and philosophy, etc.  It wasn’t strange for the Church to be in the debate – after all, most of the leading astromoners were clerics, anyway.  Well, as I was reading my notes, I thought how funny it was that the some of the same people who yelp about how wrong it is for the Church to poke Her nose into a discussion of science don’t even seem to blink at that first chapter of Laudato Si, where the Pope seems to be speaking a lot about science.  Just a thought.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts after Chapter 1

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks for the commentaries! I look forward to checking them out. Did you see Phil Lawler’s, on I’d post the link, but their website is down at the moment.

  2. I’m only a chapter in myself and my head is spinning. The over saturation from all the blogs and articles I’ve read on it definitely don’t help – maybe I’ll take a break and revisit it in a week or so. Dave told me Weigel’s piece on it was the best he has read so far, so maybe that’s worth a look. I liked Ab Chaput’s, personally.

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