The situation we face

“But the biggest failure, the biggest sadness, of so many people of my generation, including parents, educators and leaders in the Church, is our failure to pass along our faith in a compelling way to the generation now taking our place.

We can blame this on the confusion of the times.
We can blame it on our own mistakes in pedagogy.
But the real reason faith doesn’t matter to so many of our young adults and teens is that — too often — it didn’t really matter to us.
Not enough to shape our lives. Not enough for us to really suffer for it.”

Archbishop Chaput, 2014 Eramus Lecture: Strangers in a Strange Land

The whole thing deserves reading– too many fantastic points to quote here.

Watch it here.

Or read it here.


2 thoughts on “The situation we face

  1. Anne says:

    Thanks Joannie! I think I’m taking a rare trip to adoration by myself this afternoon, and I’m printing this now to take along as reading/praying material.

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