Hypocrisy at its finest

I almost wrecked my car the other day.  I was driving through a nice Nashville neighborhood, my eyes occasionally wandering to the yard signs that pop up everywhere in the fall, and I saw one urging people to vote against Amendment 1 here in Tennessee.

“Vote No on 1: Stop Government Interference”

I had to try to regain control of my passions and continue driving.  Stop Government Interference?  So now that’s your mantra?  Are you kidding me?

Let me explain, especially to all of you non-Tennesseans, what Amendment 1 is all about.  We have four Amendments on the ballot this fall, and Amendment 1 pertains to abortion.  Does it outlaw abortion?  No.  Does it actually pass any law restricting abortion?  No.  You know what it does?  It returns the right to pass laws to the people of Tennessee and their elected representatives.  Currently, the right to abortion in Tennessee is broader than in the US Constitution.

In 2000, the Supreme Court of Tennessee declared that there was a fundamental right to abortion in the Tennessee Constitution. What that has translated to in the last 14 years is that we can’t pass laws on things like waiting periods, informed consent, or even enforce health standards for abortion clinics.  What happened to making abortion “safe, legal, and rare”?  We are currently not allowed to pass laws that ensure basic safety standards for abortion procedures.  What sense does this make?

The abortion clinic where I occasionally go to pray doesn’t even have a health license.   Is it too much to ask that a “clinic” where major invasive surgery is taking place actually be inspected by the health department?  It seems that even pro-abortion activists should agree that health standards are important.  And what about telling the woman about the procedure?  As this blogger points out, that’s customary before getting a cavity filled.  But yet it is not required that the staff at the clinic tell the women anything before the abortion. And this is pro-woman?

As a woman, I’m insulted that the “No on 1” crowd doesn’t want to pass laws protecting my health and safety.  If I wanted to get an abortion, I would want to be educated about what was happening and I would want to do so in a clean, licensed facility. 

Some facts to think about, women of Tennessee:

A Nashville abortion clinic actually went to court to prove they no longer had to have a license from the Department of Health and be inspected

Tattoo parlors in Tennessee are inspected four times a year. They have stricter health requirements than abortion clinics.

Let’s go back to when I almost wrecked my car.  “Stop Government Intervention”

Honestly?  It’s okay for the federal government to force religious groups to act against their conscience.  It’s okay for the government to force Christians to perform same-sex weddings.  But it’s not okay to force an abortion clinic to be inspected by the health department.

The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

They have rhetoric like this gem from a Knoxville news report“What this amendment does is it imposes a rather extreme position of the government inserting itself into people’s personal lives,” Rovetti said.

A rather extreme position.  All the Amemdment does is say that the “right to abortion” is not in the Constitution and that we the people have the right to make laws about abortion.

Yes, that sounds extreme.  How dare we ask for the right to make laws. Sounds like government intervention to me.

If you live in Tennessee: go vote. Remember: due to the way the amendments are passed, if you leave Amendment 1 blank, it is as if you are voting against it. 

Everyone reading this: Pray for us.  They have been working for this for the past fourteen years. It is the Rubicon. We need this to pass.


4 thoughts on “Hypocrisy at its finest

    • Joannie says:

      Thanks, Kim! And I should have thought of that, but the issues only come out every two weeks — so the next issue will be after election day. Maybe for an issue in the future!

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