A Glorious Shot in the Arm

What a weekend.

I just was privileged to experience the annual Glory Conference, a gathering of college students and young adults here in Nashville, TN to study and celebrate the good, the true, and the beautiful.

I blogged about it briefly here, and you can find a link to my talk there, too.

Some sights of the weekend:


The calm before my talk.
It was the perfect location for a conference about beauty — a restored historical building and a beautiful 19th century church

IMG_8218 yay for new friends!


A super-duper evangelization rosary walk after lunchBrother John led a “super-duper evangelization rosary walk” after lunch on Saturday.
He said it was the second annual one, which made us laugh — I love how little traditions start like that.

IMG_8245A great thing about the conference was the room the schedule allowed for friendship and fraternity.   My friend Mike and I got breakfast Sunday morning and were able to catch up and talk about life.

Chris Cole teaching us origami.  Or parabolas.  Or something.  He had us in stitches during his whole talk.  Another great thing about the conference– the variety of the talks and personalities.



At the end of the closing Mass today (all the liturgies were simply breath-taking… another high point of the conference), we took Jesus into the streets of Germantown in a Eucharistic Procession.  See those manly men carrying the canopy?  Yet another beautiful thing about the conference — the masculine witness.  Most of the conference was executed by guys, and I think it was apparent in beautiful ways.


The first of the triple Benedictions during the procession. The people in the neighborhood weren’t quite sure what was happening…. a hundred smiling young adults walking behind priest and sisters, singing and praying?  What?

I’m hooked.  When’s the next conference?  I’m ready for all those kids to come back to Nashville!




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