Is there another way?

To continue with yesterday’s post, I wanted to tell you about a beautiful documentary that begins a much-needed dialogue in the Church and the world about the Catholic Church and homosexuality.  Yesterday I mentioned that I agree with the statement that tolerance isn’t always a two-way street.  That doesn‘t mean I disagree with William Rhoden, who had said in the exchange,  “This cannot turn into a Gestapo-type situation where if you express discomfort with something, then you’re cast as a homophobe and you’re fined by the league. I think that there has to be a back-and-forth.”

That’s true.  We have to be able to dialogue without being labeled and condemned.  But we also have to be able to say that something is right and something is wrong.  The world tries to draw this heavy line —  if you love a homosexual, you have to accept everything that they say and do.  If you don’t accept everything they say or do, then you can’t love them.  With such a heavy, dark line, the Church then is painted as a homophobic institution that says all homosexuals are going to hell.

There is really a third way, and that is the real way of the Church, which says we can love a human person without condoning everything they say or do.  I hope that you can love me and yet still tell me that when I gossip, lose my temper, or ignore the suffering of my neighbor, I’m wrong and should strive to live differently tomorrow.

If you love me, you will want what is best for me, you will want me to live in the freedom of Jesus Christ.  True love does not tolerate suffering … it redeems it.

Do me a favor and set aside 38 minutes and 14 seconds to watch The Third Way, and then set aside more time to think about it.  You won’t regret it.



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