bildeI will be the first to admit – I kind of wish I was in Rome right now.  I didn’t think I would want to be – I had been blessed beyond measure to experience the funeral and conclave of 2005, and that was with a roof over my head and the crazy energy and carefreeness of a college kid.  Add Holy Week and Easter of 2008 and I thought I had enough of Rome crowds for a lifetime.

But now … a handful of friends are heading over there, Twitter is full of bishops and priests and media tweeting from Rome, and, well, how do you not want to be there?

Instead I’ll be watching from my couch, drinking coffee and making breakfast casserole for any friend crazy enough to wake up at 2am to join me.

Nine years ago, we were chanting Santo Subito.

Come Sunday, we’ll be able to say Saint John Paul II, pray for us.


One thought on “Romesick

  1. Laura says:

    🙂 happy to know I’m not alone in my not-in-Rome-jealuosy. Still unsure if I’ll watch the whole thing live…

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