Blue Hole

Just a few pictures from the weekend.  We were teaching in the Tri-Cities, which is a far piece – well, the farthest we travel to teach.  After a day of teaching in Johnson City (cue Wagon Wheel, because it was in my head every time someone said Johnson City…) we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather to find some mountain beauty.

We ended up taking a chance on a waterfall that Sister had found in a brochure and I had found online.  It was a good risk.

IMG_7655You take pictures like this before you realize what’s coming next.  This waterfall, “Blue Hole,” is really four waterfalls.  This isn’t one of those four.  But it’s the first thing we saw, and it was beautiful.  But then we kept walking down the hill…

IMG_7661These pictures don’t really do the whole thing justice.  It was magic hour, so the sunlight was perfect.  It was off the beaten bath (and there wasn’t a single sign announcing the waterfall’s presence), so there was no one else to be seen for about a mile.  After a long day of teaching, it was exactly what we needed.

IMG_7664The more we walked, the neater the waterfalls became.



That waterfall required some additional, off-the-path climbing, but once Sister and I made our way down (roots make the best foot holds), we were rewarded with a significant temperature drop (it was stunning to feel the cool air pouring from the falls) and a beautiful view.

Then the last fall…


This is the “blue hole” that gives the whole waterfall complex it’s name.  After making it’s way down the mountain, this waterfall pours right into a deep, blue hole. : )


This view was much more majestic in real life.  I took this from the top of one of the falls, looking down at Sister Mary Sharon, who was sitting by the Blue Hole.  Behind her is a giant rock face that is much higher and more stunning in person.

It was definitely worth the trip.  Then we rewarded ourselves with pizza and calzones back in Johnson City.

On Saturday we taught in Kingsport, then headed back across the state home.  In two more weeks, the spring travel schedule will be over.  Just to give you an idea of the life of a traveling catechist – I will have slept in my own bed one Friday night between March 7 and April 25.  But I’m not complaining.  Have Bible, will travel. It’s an honor to preach His Word.






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