A good day.

I’m sure everyone is tired of listening to me talk about my days, my eating habits, my randomness.  Although I suppose if you were really tired of it, you would have abandoned this blog by now.

All I really wanted to come here to say is that I had a good day.  Not only did I accomplish a handful of things that really needed accomplishing (laundry; cleaning; the old seasonal-clothes-switch; running to Goodwill, the bank, the postoffice…) but I celebrated my accomplishments (and the eve of the Solemnity of the Annunciation) with my friend Manda at Happy Hour.

IMG_7544Where I had oysters for the first time!  yay!  We went to The Southern, which besides having a really awesome brunch also happens to be an oyster bar. We were just there to sit at the bar and have a nice conversation over a nice cocktail.  But then Manda was eyeing the oyster menu, and they were shucking them right in front of us… so then one of the nice guys shucking them asked us if we wanted oysters, and Manda was on the fence, and I admitted I had never had an oyster.

“You’ve never had an oyster?” he asked incredulously.  I admitted that they scared me.

He shook his head, told me there was nothing to be afraid of, and promised he would coach me through it.

So on the house, he gave me my first oyster.  Prepped it for me. Coached me through it.

And it was wonderful.

It wasn’t something I would probably crave, like I do a good steak.  But it was so fresh, so tender, so… real.  So when Manda suggested we split a half dozen, I was game.

It was as if we were experiencing food the way we were supposed to experience it.  It weirded me out at first, knowing I was eating something that wasn’t that far from life.  I like my meat cooked and my food to look differently than when it did when it was living.  But yet there was something about being closer to the food, being closer to the way God created it.

They were cold oysters, and my new friend told me I was worried about them being slimy or chewy because I was thinking of warm water oysters.  These were really tender and not nearly as slimy as I thought they would be.

Manda and I had a fantastic conversation, and I left on a high.  Friendship, fantastic service (which we are beginning to value even more than the food and drink itself, but The Southern delivered on both), a highly productive day, and a solemnity tomorrow. What more could this girl ask for?



4 thoughts on “A good day.

  1. Michelle says:

    Oysters are my most favorite food in the world! Someday I’m going to go to a little fishing village in France JUST to sit on and eat oysters.
    (But then, I also crave shushi, specifically sashimi, every freaking time I’m pregnant…so I guess I just like raw things. Yumm)

  2. Michelle says:

    That’s it. My first date after this baby is born is going to be at The Southern oyster bar. Have you been to Table 3 in Green Hills? They have great oysters.

  3. Amy says:

    NEVER tired of hearing about your adventures, whatever they may be! And you really are the woman…I’ve had fried oysters, but haven’t been brave enough to try the raw. Glad to know your reaction…maybe I’ll actually give it a whirl if I ever have the chance.

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