A year of joy!

Picture1(Shamelessly stealing pictures from my sister.)

I commented to Jill on her blog that part of me can’t believe he’s already a year old… but the other part of me can’t remember what life was like without him!  She beautifully responded: “Empty.”

It’s so true… What a hole our lives would all have if this boy hadn’t been given to us by God.

I was talking to someone over the weekend who only knows John Paul through my request for prayers and a few pictures.  We are on a committee together and see each other twice a year – last year our committee met shortly before his birth, so I had told his story and requested prayers.  At this meeting she approached me and shared that John Paul had changed the way she viewed Down Syndrome children and other babies with disabilities.  She immediately had my full attention, since she is clearly someone who is 100% prolife, and I was curious to see what she was going to say.  She explained that until “meeting” John Paul, she had always seen unborn babies with birth defects, Down’s, etc, as needing us.  We need to give them a chance, we need to support them, we need to give them life.

She now realizes that it’s actually a matter of us needing them.

Thanks, John Paul.  And happy birthday.



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