Ever heard of Mary Martin?

There were things that irked me about the live Sound of Music tonight.  But if we’re going to critique, let’s complain about the right things.  It was cracking me up to see how many people were upset about the “new” songs, the “changes,” and the way NBC “messed” with the movie.

Newsflash… there was A Sound of Music before Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.  What America watched live tonight was the stage musical, not the film.  (Although they did end up using Something Good, which surprised me … that was a song written for the film.)

Yes, the mountains looked fake.  This wasn’t a movie — this was a live stage production.

Critique away.  But at least know your facts before you waste oxygen (or internet space) on your rants.


One thought on “Ever heard of Mary Martin?

  1. Amy says:

    I didn’t see the show, but I’ll bet lots of people would be surprised at how different the movie is from the true story…a beautiful book very much worth reading.

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