Opening act

I slept really well the past two nights.  It could have been the fantastically comfortable king bed I was enjoying at the hotel where I stayed while I taught in Chattanooga.  I have a theory that when I sleep really well, I remember my dreams really well.  That could be a bunch of bunk, but it sounds about right to me.

So last night I had this hilariously random dream that wasn’t so random once I woke up and pieced together the origins of the various parts of the dream.  The gist of it was that I was back at the St Paul Center for Biblical Theology, where I worked in graduate school (of course, it wasn’t really the SPC- typical for dreams – it was some place I have never seen before, but in my dream I just knew it was the SPC).  There were lots of people there, apparently for some book signing by someone – I never really figured out whom – and I was just there to visit everyone.

Dr. Hahn was standing off to the side, and I went over to say hello. [This is all because someone asked me at the teacher inservice yesterday where I studied and learned everything, and I gave Dr Hahn pretty much all the credit for the talk I gave, I told them about the St Paul Center, and then told them to read his books].

He was happy to see me, and we began talking about his speaking engagements.

I got really excited, because I thought he was going to ask me to open for him.

HA!  Clearly, I’ve been living in Nashville too long.  Open for him?  What is this, U2?  Okay, so he does play the guitar…  And if the Catholic speaker world worked like the music world, he would be the hot ticket to open for if you were a brand-new speaker (like moi).

But he didn’t ask me to open for him.  He wanted to know if I thought he should go on tour with Graham Greene.

Hm.  I think I’d be a better opening act than a dead novelist.


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