October Highlights

I began October in Rome…


And once I got back, found myself craving bruschetta every night for dinner.


October was full of beautiful sunsets viewed from my balcony-


And lots of pumpkin treats.


There are three deer that live in my neighborhood, and last month they were particularly friendly at dusk.


For the last six years, fall has been synonymous with road trips – teaching across the state (and now into Kentucky) means every Saturday is spent in a different city.  When we drove out to Greeneville, TN a few weekends ago, we decided to take a side trip to the birthplace of Davy Crockett.


Nothing still stands from his time, but there was a nice little monument and a replica of his cabin.



Sadly, the museum was closed because the secretary was gone. (there was a sign on the door.)  But we’re guessing we didn’t miss that much.

Fall seems to have taken its time around here, though.  Color has just recently come to the trees.  We had a crazy wind storm a few nights ago, and I was worried all the leaves would end up on the ground and we would miss fall colors completely.  But most of them survived.  Whew!


One beautiful Sunday, my friend and I hit up the Grilled Cheeserie food truck after Mass. I had seen that they had pumpkin crème brûlée, and I knew I had to have it.

So I chased my pimento mac and cheese sandwich (it was crazy good) with yet another pumpkin treat.  I love fall so much.



When October was drawing to a close, I enjoyed a wonderful double-header evening — book club with my favorite female coworkers (this month was The Picture of Dorian Gray – my choice) followed by a concert with my favorite band.

I love Carbon Leaf.  I love their music, their lyrics, and their willingness to hang out with their fans.

A few days before going on tour, Carter picked up the hurdy-gurdy and started incorporating it into the shows.  The hurdy-gurdy!  How crazy is that?  (and awesome)


IMG_5874 - Version 2

Now it’s November, and I can barely believe it.


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