Random Rant

Another cute proposal YouTube video is making the rounds, and this one, like so many others, features Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” as the main song.


I admit, it’s catchy.  In fact, part of this rant is coming from the part of my brain that is ticked off because now the song is running through my head uncontrollably.  And yes, it’s obviously an easy song to choreograph for a large flash mob, even uncoordinated people like your friends and family.

But have any of these husbands-to-be actually listened to the lyrics… beyond “I think I want to marry you…” ???

“We’re looking for something dumb to do…”

Aw, a real heart-winner right there.

But it’s this line that really warms me:

“If we wake up and you wanna break up that’s cool.
No, I won’t blame you;
It was fun, girl.”

Swoon.  Now that’s what I’m looking for in a proposal.


6 thoughts on “Random Rant

  1. Amy says:

    Gah! I haven’t heard this song, but how awful!!
    (Watch it be on the next round of Jazzercise routines, and become my new favorite.)

  2. Jill says:

    Maybe I’m just cynical, but don’t you wonder if millennials DO find that kind of idea appealing and romantic?

    He doesn’t say if HE gets bored, he’s going to leave her….he’s going to let her be free to leave him if SHE gets bored. How nice and considerate of him! He doesn’t want to make her commit to ‘forever.’ That’s too hard. After all, people change! She doesn’t know who she’ll be in five years! And he would be inhibiting her from being her own person! Look, their parents didn’t stay married, and they went on and got married to other people, and they’re happy and fulfilled! “Happily ever after’ is just a fairy tale. Being married for a whole lifetime just doesn’t happen anymore. The idea is to have fun NOW.

    These are the people who are in the driver’s seat now. And they’re going to drive us right over a cliff just for the thrill of it.

      • Oh my gosh, Joannie. Remember what Rose said to Jack in episode 7? Let’s just live in the moment and have fun. I knew I had heard it somewhere else recently.

        Hey, I just realized something. “Rose” and “Jack”. Ha, like Titanic.

      • Joannie says:

        Helllooo… spoiler alert! Just kidding. No one has any idea what you’re talking about. At least they won’t until January. haha.

        I saw someone somewhere poke fun with the Titanic thing. They said something like, “We’ve seen that before, and it doesn’t end well…” haha.

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