Enjoying life one bite at a time

Veteran readers of the blog will know that I like a good restaurant.  Veteran readers will also know that I’m blessed to have a friend here in Nashville that has a similar penchant for true dining.  We’re not epicureans by any means (we aren’t wealthy enough for that), but we appreciate the art of a talented chef and agree that we’d rather pay for one nice meal than several cookie-cutter “fast casual” meals.

Last week, Manda and I were both in need of a nice meal.  When we couldn’t get reservations at the restaurant we’ve been anxious to try, she was gracious enough to share a gift card to a restaurant we’d tried before and really liked: Flyte.

Our first time to Flyte had been for Restaurant Week last year, and it had thoroughly impressed us.  We both knew it would be worth every penny outside of Restaurant Week, although since it was happy hour, we thought it might be worth it to sit in the bar and take advantage of the specials.  But after looking at the Happy Hour specials and then looking at our surroundings, we decided we preferred the full experience and headed over to the classy side of the restaurant.  If you’re going to spend the money, you might as well have cloth tablecloths.

The menu at Flyte is succinct (short on words but not on taste), so the waitress went through each dish on the menu and described it in delectable detail.  Their menu changes daily depending on what is available, and they list on the side of the menu which farms the various components of their dishes come from that evening.

After we ordered, one of the waiters brought our first bite, compliments of the chef.  It was just a taste to get the evening started.  On a white porcelain spoon was arranged a piece of goat cheese, pickled red onion, a walnut, and a bite of Asian pear.  Just a single bite, but so delicious.

See why we abandoned the happy hour for the full experience?

For our starter, we split

baby lettuce | field peas | chevre | cucumber

When we were deciding what to split, I almost voted against the tomato salad, thinking that I had tomatoes sitting on my counter at home.  Silly me.  I didn’t have this sitting on my counter.


Since we told the waitress we were going to split it, it was plated as two salads. I don’t know why this surprised me.  Both of us eat off the same plate?  How uncouth.  Of course there would be two works of art.

I apologize for the awful quality of photos.  The lighting in a restaurant is never conducive to photo ops — at least, it shouldn’t be.  And I generally err on the side of taking the picture too quickly and from a funny angle, simply because I want to be relatively discreet.

Manda and I both ordered flytes of wine, because… well… why wouldn’t we?


For our dinner selection, Manda chose the Pork Flyte and I chose the Coulotte.  These descriptions (from their menu online) might not describe exactly what we had, but you get the idea.

farro | beet | crispy farro | baby tatsoi

Pork Flyte
smoked prok custard | Sea Island red peas | bok choy

Coulotte is also known as top sirloin cap.  It had been awhile since I had a good steak, and this was quite good.  But the reason I ordered the coulotte was for the supporting actor of the dish.  Bone marrow.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the chef scraped the bone marrow out, cooked it with carrots and something else wonderful, piped it back into the bone, then breaded and toasted it.  Or something like that.  The waitress described it much better.

Bone marrow?  When was I going to have the opportunity to eat bone marrow?  I asked Manda, the nurse, if it was good for me.  We both agreed it had to be bad … but yet surely it was full of iron or good for my immune system, or something.  I mean, bone marrow just seems powerful.


Again, sorry for the lousy picture.  My verdict?   I wouldn’t want a whole bowl of it, but it was tasty.  Rich and flavorful and helped boost the flavor of the coulotte.

Manda ordered coffee after dinner, which came in a personal little French press, and I ordered the pumpkin cheesecake.  It wasn’t the best pumpkin cheesecake I’d ever had, but it was pretty good.  I think it could have delivered a little more pumpkin punch, but maybe I’m used to fake pumpkin… eek.

Pumpkin Cheesecake
maple | pepita brittle | graham cracker


Once again, Flyte impressed.  (and it’s not just us: “Top 10 Nashville Restaurants“)  As the bill came, so did another little bite, compliments of the pastry chef – a little fig chew, dusted with sugar.
IMG_5661Yet another enjoyable evening with my dear friend Manda — enjoying the finer things in life, one restaurant at a time.

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