Have art, will travel

Several weeks ago, I went to one of the neatest art exhibits I’ve ever experienced.  Forget your Monets and your Manets. These works of art were a little more 3-D.


The exhibit – “Sensuous Steel” — featured a number of beautiful Art Deco automobiles (and two motorcycles).  Dating from the 1920s and 30s, they were evocatively luxurious, taking us back to that time when grace and classical notions of beauty (symmetry, simplicity) met the wealth and opulence of the machine age.

It was hard to pick a favorite, and while many would assume this guy won my heart:


It was this one that topped my list:


I don’t know what it was about it — maybe the horns, maybe the touch of red to the rich classic cream — but if I was given the keys to drive one home, I think I’d pick him.  Give me a cloche hat and Lord Peter Wimsey on my arm.

Or maybe Bertie Wooster.  It just called for a man in a three-piece suit to drive me away.

I loved the detail on so many of the cars.  Who wouldn’t want this hood ornament?



While almost all the cars were brought in to the city for the exhibit, one belonged to Nashville’s own Lane Motor Museum.  Lane is the city’s best kept secret, in my opinion.  It’s a fantastic little museum full of unique cars that are kept in great shape and that are still able to run.  This little guy is from Lane:


Tatra T97

Isn’t he cute?  Am I allowed to say that?

Some of the cars were kind of goofy looking, some were stunning, and one was even owned by my great-great-uncle Edsel Ford.  (Just kidding, he’s no relation to my Ford family members.)


IMG_5286 IMG_5291


Perhaps the most stunning car in the exhibit was this beautiful Bugatti Type 57C – formerly owned by the shah of Iran.  Pictures don’t do any of these cars justice, and it’s especially true with this one.  As my friend Dan said, it’s probably the most beautiful car in the world.




Sadly, I didn’t get my act together to go until the last week of the exhibit, and I only I wish I would have gone earlier so that I could have gone back to see all the cars again.  It was a great night with two of my favorite couples — my friends Dan & Darcy and Billy & Lori.

A huge thanks to my friend Dan – who knows more about cars than anyone I know – and who gladly answered all my dumb questions throughout the night!



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