Rome Sweet Rome

My latest trip to Rome was like none of the others that had come before it, mostly because I had responsibility this time around.  My office put together a trip for the Year of Faith and Day for Catechists (which included Mass with the Holy Father last Sunday), and twelve local catechists (well, with a few exceptions) came along for the adventure.  While wearing the hats of “tour guide” and “bus hailer” meant I didn’t get to galavant around the city at will, it was a good experience and definite blessings came as a result.  I love showing people Rome and all the treasures of the Eternal City.

It was also like none other because we have a new Pope.  The trip was planned last year, so I was obviously expecting to see my beloved Benedict again.  But there was another plan in store, and so I got to see Pope Francis for the first time.

IMG_0107I won’t lie – it was strange not to see Benedict and it was odd to be in St Peter’s Square at night and not see the lights of the Apostolic Palace lit.  But it was pretty incredible to see Pope Francis.  Front row seats for a Papal Mass — can’t beat that.

Highlights are forthcoming.  I won’t bore you with the day-to-day details, and most of the things that cracked me up last week aren’t going to be funny out of context (or maybe it was the lack of sleep and the wine?).  But there are at least pictures of food to share.  Because I love taking pictures of food, no matter what country I’m in.




2 thoughts on “Rome Sweet Rome

  1. Kim T says:

    Those details you think will be boring? No, they will not be boring, and i’m looking forward to reading/hearing about your whole trip!!!

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