Stop laughing, I’m trying to sleep.

How have I not heard about this?  How do I not have one of these?

As I prepare for a trans-Atlantic flight and prep myself for the dreaded “You must sleep now, surrounded by strangers, in a two by three foot space, sitting upright.  Ready… go!” I found this.


I can’t decide what is funnier — the mental picture of me whipping this out in front of the pilgrimage group I’m leading, or the mental picture of my boss walking into my office and finding me sleeping with this on my head.


One thought on “Stop laughing, I’m trying to sleep.

  1. Amy says:

    Hilarious! On a more subdued note, I found that a blindfold and earplugs helped me sleep relatively well on my last trans-Atlantic flight. Not quite so ostentatious as the pillow, with about the same effect. 🙂

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