Looking back

While I was an undergraduate, this thing called “blogging” came onto the scene with the name LiveJournal.  I distinctly remember looking at my friend’s LJ for the first time.  I couldn’t figure out how to click into her post, so I was completely confused as to what LJ even was. And then I was kind of incredulous- anyone can just post their journal and their friends can read it online?!

Wow, how far we’ve come in ten years.  Now the internet is cluttered with LJs, just with different names.

I periodically re-read parts of my journal from those years, nostalgically remembering the highs and the lows.  There are references to things that caused huge drama that now I have no clue about; there are giddy entries; there are stressed-out entries.

A few days ago I came across this one – written almost exactly eight years ago – and it gave me a keen insight into what made Christendom a community: the chapel.  It wasn’t entirely the chapel, of course, but if you read the thoughts below, you’ll realize that this senior girl found her home in a little rural college in Virginia because Jesus was at the center of the community.

My Loves

I love walking across campus as the sun just comes over the mountains and the air is crisp and fresh before it turns hot in the middle of the day. I love seeing everyone walking around, doing their own thing, going to their own classes and practices. I love going to Mass with everyone and knowing that our unity as a community revolves around the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass– and everyone realizes it. I love going to lunch and being kind of frazzled when everyone comes up to ask me to make an announcement, but getting to see so many people and talk with so many people makes it worth it. I love when Mr. Wurtz winks at me. I love when I walk past a table of senior guys and they yell “Watson!” to get my attention, as if I’m one of them, then treat me like a lady when I come to the table. I love kneeling in the chapel at 9:30 at night with tons of other students and friends, knowing that we all have the same core beliefs, the same loves, the same aspirations to become saints. I love going to Compline and beginning to end my day with all the guys chanting in Latin and the chapel dark. I love sitting and talking to the president of my college about things like coffee and Rome, and then his wife comes and gives me a big hug because it’s the first time she’s seen me this semester. I love stopping and talking to girls in their rooms about the day’s events and tomorrow’s expectations. I love walking back to my room at midnight with the campus mostly silent, except for a few wanderers and late-night adventurers. I love the fact that my only responsibilities right now are to God, my thesis and other courses, my class as senior class president, my friends to be the best friend I can, and to my parents to work my rear end off to make them proud.
I don’t know why I’m in this mood, but I guess it’s a pretty darn good mood to be in.


One thought on “Looking back

  1. I miss the simple days of LiveJournal.

    September was a pretty great time to be at Christendom. The weather was beautiful, the workload wasn’t too hard (yet), and everyone was excited to be back.

    Once the time changed and the weather got cold and midterms rolled around…not so much. Well, I guess the chapel was there for those times, too. haha.

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