Five Favorites – on the right day! (I think)

Here’s a first!  I decided while making dinner that I wanted to post a mishmash of favorite things on the blog tonight, and I thought, “Too bad I don’t ever feel like doing that when Hallie does her Five Favorites.”  So I entered the blog world to see when Hallie usually posted those, so I could joke, “Haha, it’s not ___day, but I felt like doing some favorites…”

And it’s the right day!  The stars have alligned and I’m doing my first “link-up.”

In no particular order, five things I’m loving right now…

1. This video.

2. Fix You by Coldplay.  Yes, I know it’s probably playing on the oldies station these days, but I fell in love with it again and want to make that a soundtrack to something.  I love how it starts mellow and then builds.  It’s kind of funny that I don’t have a particular memory to attach with “where was I in 2005 when Fix You was on the radio” — of course, my very fond memory that has “Yellow” as its soundtrack is from 2006, so I suppose I’m just a little slow.

Anyway, it’s my song of the moment right now.

3. My balcony.  Some days it’s just a normal balcony.  Other days it’s the front seat to a gorgeous display of God’s love.  When I saw this last night, how could I not stop what I was doing and go outside to pray my rosary while the sun set?


And I love how quickly the sky changes.


Those hardly do it justice, of course.

4. Rock star mics.  You know, those microphones that go around your ear instead of clipping on to your lapel?  I used my first one a few weeks ago when I was teaching close to 400 catechists in the diocese of Lexington.  If you’re a guy, lapel mics might be easy to use.  But even then your tie might hit it or it might be clipped to your tie and your suit coat hits it or it’s too low or it picks up your heart beating wildly because you’re nervous (okay, maybe not), and if you’re a girl, it’s hard to find a good place to pin it if you’re not wearing a powersuit… etc, etc, etc.  Well, I loved the rock star mic.  You kind of forget they’re there — you can talk in a regular voice and not worry about it picking you up and you can wave your arms and beat your breast and do all sorts of things without worrying about the microphone.  I always kind of made fun of them, especially when priests wore them, because they remind me of Britney Spears.  But they’re awesome.  And I want my own personal one.


Here’s a random picture of Lexington because it’s beautiful.  Sorry it’s crooked — we were driving down the highway. (I wasn’t driving, don’t worry.)  I’m not posting the selfie I took of me with the rock star mic, because I was trying to take it inconspicuously in front of 400 people and so I have a double chin.

Teaching in front of 400 people was pretty fun — it was only the second time in my life I’ve spoken in front of that many people, and I’m not entirely sure the other group was that large.  So it may have been the largest group I’ve ever taught.  In the middle of my third talk I saw a bride taking pictures in the garden of the church (she was standing where I could see her from the stage but everyone else had their back to her), and I exclaimed — mid-sentence — “Aww, a bride!”  and everyone turned around and laughed. Keepin’ it real, folks.  That’s why they love me.  I’m unpredictable.

5. Leftover mashed potatoes and cottage cheese.  “Weird,” you’re thinking.  That’s because you haven’t tried it.  If you had, you would be thinking, “Awesome.”  I actually made extra mashed potatoes the other night so that I could have leftovers.  I have to give credit to my sister Jill for teaching me the trick.  Something about the warm mashed potatoes and the cold cottage cheese, the difference in texture…  Winner. And that’s my dinner tonight.  (With fresh green beans, of course, for color.  And for manganese and vitamin k.)

Hmm…. Okay, so I thought based on the dates of Hallie’s former Five Favorites posts that it was Tuesday, but maybe it’s Wednesday.  Oh well!  These are my favorites and I’m stickin’ with ’em.


4 thoughts on “Five Favorites – on the right day! (I think)

  1. Liza says:

    That video makes me want to punch things! And the cottage cheese/leftover potatoes thing is good – but I like to do it with cream cheese, too! Either way, good call!!

  2. Megan says:

    Cottage cheese and mashed potatoes sound terrifying. Growing up in my house, extra mashed potatoes go with fried eggs on top. And until you post your rock star mic picture, I might be imagining you wearing it while in a rock star outfit. In front of 400 catechists. Fantastic.

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