Making a condo a home

I need to be in the blogging mood to blog, which I suppose is why I’m not a professional blogger.  After a great stretch of daily blogging, I fell off the wagon and have had a hard time coming back.  So I’m coming in easy — rather than blogging about something important, I’ll just blog about what I’ve been up to in my absence.

Two weeks ago, Mom and Dad came down to help me paint my apartment.  I already had a color picked out for the main room, hallways, and guest room.  I found a nice gray through a fun blog called Young House Love, and I had gotten a sample can and affirmed my love for the neutral color.  My kitchen was posing more of a dilemma, as I mentioned here in the past, and the second orange sample I had purchased wasn’t doing it for me.   While we painted the main room, I went back and forth about what to do with the kitchen.  Mom suggested red, and since I had given up hope matching this color, I thought red was a pretty good idea.

On one of our many trips to the hardware store, I found a bright red I thought I liked and bought a quart.

What was I thinking?  Until now, I had been so practical — always finding a color online, buying a sample pint, testing it, analyzing it… and here I had just purchased an entire quart of a red I had only seen on a paint sample card.

We painted the whole kitchen “tricycle red.”  There really isn’t much to my kitchen that isn’t cabinets, so it didn’t take long.

Thank goodness.  … Because it was bright.  Very bright.

But maybe I liked it.  Maybe I didn’t.  Arrrgh!  I debated it all night and the next morning.  Unfortunately for my father, since I’m a woman, I analyzed it out loud.  Back and forth. Back and forth.  Did I like it?  Was it too bright?  Was it cheerful?  Was it garish?


Mom and I headed back to the hardware store, picked out a red that was slightly warmer, slightly more orange.  I purchased a sample pint and brought it back home.  While dad was finishing up the guest room, I painted a swatch of “claret rose” over tricycle red.

Dad walked into the kitchen.  “Dad, what do you think?”  Pause.  “Where did you paint?”

It was difficult to tell, but I knew I liked it more.  So I returned to the store, purchased claret rose, and came back to repaint the kitchen.  My dad is such a trooper.

Mom named this picture “Indecision”:


So I guess we can call this picture “Decision”….


The wall around the doorway on the right is my gray (“Collingwood”) although next to that red it doesn’t really look like anything!  I really love it, though.  Since I have crown molding in the main room, the white really sets the gray off nicely.


Here’s another view of the red kitchen with the Collingwood main room.

I can’t say enough how much I love my home.  Now that almost every room is painted and the concrete floors are almost a distant memory, I might love this place too much.  I loved it when I moved in, but now it feels like home.  How has the place been transformed?  This is the answer in a single picture:


From the very first painting project- that green bathroom – to my blue bedroom to the wonderful new laminate floors and carpet… I love it.

As you know, my mom spent the last week with me while the new floors were installed.  We had a great time and it was hard to let her drive away with Dad after it was all over.

Some of our time together was spent moving furniture from one room to another to prepare for the floors.  And moving books.  I have a lot of books…  Picture this, times twenty…


But just like Dad, Mom is a trooper.  I owe them so much.

We also had time for fun, like a run to Jeni’s for ice cream.  As soon as I saw on Twitter that they had Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries ice cream as one of their summer flavors, Mom and I were too intrigued not to make the trip over to the east side of town.


It was worth the trip.  Definitely strange — it really tasted like corn — and I don’t think I could have eaten a pint of it, but it was delicious.  I paired it with Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk and Mom paired it with Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean.  All winners.  You got to love Jeni’s – where else do you find Green Tomato Frozen Yogurt?

She also got me addicted to Brother vs Brother, so I’m ending this boring post to go see who’s going to win tonight.


3 thoughts on “Making a condo a home

  1. Amy says:

    Not a boring post. 🙂 The colors are AWESOME. I love the claret rose…it is richer and warmer than tricycle red or any of the other “indecisions,” and the gray is absolutely lovely set off by the white trim & red accent. You did a great job! And I’m so glad you are loving your home.

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