Dance like no one is watching

I always hated that saying.

But it seems to fit this video.   You may have heard that there was a flash mob at World Youth Day, with a YouTube video making its way around the internet to teach the 3 million young people the dance before its big debut.  Below is a video of the Bishops learning the dance.

I know some people have voiced opinions about this, so I thought I’d voice mine.  I think this is awesome.  Like my friend said, “It’s not like this is the epiclesis.”

Well said.  You’re not witnessing a flash liturgical dance.  You’re witnessing Catholics having fun.


Do they look ridiculous?  Of course they do.  But so do people in pretty much every flash mob except those involving professional opera singers.

If you were paying attention to anything Francis said last week in Rio, he continually told priests and bishops to get out of their rectories and offices and into the fray with the people.  I can think of several priests who need to dance more.

We could use more bishops willing to look like fools.  Because after all, that’s what preaching the Gospel makes us look like anyway.


5 thoughts on “Dance like no one is watching

  1. Amy says:

    And who can forget JPII waving his hands back & forth at a youth rally (in St. Louis, I think?) with the youth — he was already showing signs of deterioration from Parkinson’s, but the youth were totally endeared to his sharing in their enthusiasm, playing along with them.

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