Pinus pinea. Published.


JoaninOrdinaryTime.  Published.

Full disclosure – I would love to be a published author.  I suppose I am — I wrote a piece that’s in John Paul II, We Love You, I have published articles in a few diocesan newspapers, and when I was in middle school I had a 100-word article on horses published in Archie Comics.  I got $15 for it.

We live in a funny time when it’s more possible than ever to get published, but it’s also hard to make your voice heard over everyone else.  Most of the books I’d like to write have already been written or are being written.  Several years ago I started a novel, but since I have no delusions that it will be any good, do I really want to pollute the world with another semi-decent novel?  I could write non-fiction, but who the heck wants to know what I think about things?  Oh, wait, you’re all reading this right now… Um…

Anyway, this post is not about dreams, it’s about reality.

I’ve never considered myself a photographer.  I love having pictures of memories, so therefore I kind of have to take pictures.  I don’t think I’m a bad photographer, but I don’t think I’m an arteest.  So I was kind of surprised when someone in the wide world of the internet contacted me regarding a picture on this blog.  Specifically, a picture of the Colosseum found here.  She was writing an article for the Journal of the American Bonsai Society on Pinus pinea (stone pines)  and wondered if she could use my photo as one of the featured images.

I was honored — and grateful that she asked.  I have a feeling people’s pictures are being used all the time with no one asking permission.  (Did you hear about this?  Scary.)

When I agreed, she promised to send me a copy of the journal.  I gave her my name for the photo credit and address for the journal and forgot about it.

Until today!



There she is!  And now I can find out more about bonsai – since my knowledge is limited to this Saved by the Bell episode. Thanks, Cheryl!


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