Duck Donuts


This time last year, the entire family was together, all in one house, celebrating Father’s Day by spending Dad’s money.  We were beginning a beautiful week vacation in the Outer Banks.

I realized as I was looking through pictures that I never posted about our favorite breakfast spot in Duck, NC, despite taking lots of pictures to document the magical place.  I figured since Dad likes donuts, and in homage to a certain nickname Dad once had for me, this was a fitting post for Father’s Day.

Our first day driving into Duck we saw a billboard for Duck Donuts, but we figured it was just another donut place.  Boy, were we wrong. It was so much more.

The donuts there are made to order.  Customizable.  Warm.  And deeelicious.


When you arrive, you’re greeted with a big board of options and a stack of order sheets.  You fill out your order on paper — do you want a few donuts, a dozen, or a bucket of donuts?  Do you want coatings?  Glaze? Or vanilla icing? Chocolate icing?  Strawberry icing?  Maple?  Lemon? Peanut Butter?  Dusting with cinnamon sugar?  Powdered sugar?  Oh, and that’s not all.  Do you want rainbow sprinkles?  Chocolate sprinkles?  Shredded coconut?  Chopped peanuts?

You fill out your sheet (which is really nice — no stress about trying to do math and make decisions at the same time), hand it over along with your moolah, and then watch as your donuts are created right in front of your eyes.


IMG_1733The wait isn’t long, and it’s worth it.  Not only is it straight out of a Brian Regan sketch (although we never asked for a donut with frosting all over it but sprinkles only on one end), I don’t think I’ve had a better donut.

We went twice, but now I don’t know why we didn’t go every day. Maybe it’s because we didn’t want to gain fifty pounds. (Or we were just too lazy to get off the beach and into the car.  That’s probably more like it.)

But I really want a Duck Donut right about now.

IMG_1741Look at those.  The donuts were still warm and the frosting melted right in…


Let’s go back to the beach.



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