4 Random Things

It never fails — when Jen and Co are doing the “7 Quick Takes” on Fridays, I don’t remember to join in or I don’t have 7 things to say. And then I’m too impatient on days like this to wait until Friday.  So here are 4 random things.

1. I went to the opening of the new convention center a few weeks ago.  Not something you hear every day, huh?  “Where were you last night?”  “Oh, the grand opening of a convention center.”  But it was open to the public and was a huge giant party and lots of fun.  I wish I would have gone on Sunday, because there was lots of free food and a zip line running through the whole enormous hall, but Monday night was fun too — food trucks and free concerts (of course- this is Music City), including the Time Jumpers and Sheryl Crow.   The Time Jumpers are really fun, and I like the fact that Vince Gill doesn’t think he’s too cool for them.  By the time Sheryl Crow played, we had made our way up to the stage and were only a few rows back.  It was fun to relive my high school years –  Like Steve McQueen and Soak Up the Sun all of that.  Oh, and the convention center is beautiful – tons of windows and balconies so you never have that “ugh, I’m stuck in a convention center” feeling.  I’d want to go to convention there.


view from one of the balconies. No, that’s not the Flight of the Navigator; just the hockey arena

2. I went home last week for eight days, and it was lovely.  I got to visit with my Grandma and two of my aunts, I took a road trip with my friend Laura to see my friend (her sister) Anne, I had coffee with my friend Elisabeth, lunch and coffee with my friend Matt, had my friends the Schaps over for dinner, joined five of my guy friends to watch our Pacers lose… it was a full week!  Not to mention that a friend of mine was ordained on Saturday (the reason I went home in the first place) and celebrated his first Mass that same evening.  Is there anything better than an ordination and a first Mass?  No other sacrament moves me like that one.  Wowzers.

3. One of my friends changed jobs at work, and on one of her last days sitting at her old desk, a friend and coworker put her phone stand in jello.

4. We had a finger food contest at work last week.  You might remember my competitive nature coming out last year and that I won the “sweet” category.  I decided my victory last year necessitated that I try a savory finger food this year.  Did I just look up a recipe?  Nooo… I had to be creative.  So I ended up making a quasi bruschetta/flat bread/pastry inspired by a wonderful salad at a local restaurant here.  I made a puff pastry crust, then topped it the next day with spinach and arugula, chopped tomatoes, toasted chopped pecans, and goat cheese.   A few nights earlier I had tried to made little puff pastry shapes to be the base of my bruschetta, but they shrunk and puffed.  So I decided to just roll out a big sheet and then cut it the next day.

That was my downfall. The cutting.

It was beautiful at first:


But when I cut it up, the puff pastry broke and was too fragile for all the wonderfulness on top of it.  *sigh*  I took my dish over to the judging room anyway, and was saddened to see that not only did everyone (but one) make a savory dish this year, everyone was really creative and actually made food this year (last year there was a lot of store bought things…)

I told a friend that I thought I still had a chance with creativity and taste, even if I bombed the appearance category.

Guess what I ended up winning?  The appearance category.  Go fig.  I haven’t seen my prize yet, but that’s okay – it’s the thrill of winning that’s good for me.

That’s all I’ve got for randomness.  Next up, musings while painting my bathroom.


5 thoughts on “4 Random Things

  1. Amy says:

    #3 is REALLY random. And you’re not allowed to leave it at that…what was her reaction? Who cleaned up the mess? Etc.

    If you post musings while painting your bathroom, I’ll comment with musings while painting my kitchen. Maybe that’ll make up for the fact that I STILL haven’t responded to the Liebster Award tag.

    Congrats on yet another cooking award! I’ll bet it was delish!

    • The jello incident is a tribute to The Office. And thankfully she wrapped Lindsey’s phone stand in plastic wrap first, so that it was easy to clean up the mess. : )

      You mean your blog will be about something other than a vacuum cleaner?! Heh heh heh.

      • Amy says:

        Ah! Note that I am not culturally clued in on this.
        I really meant that I would comment on your musings post with my own musings. I suppose I should go muse on my own poor neglected blog.

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