Memorial Day weddings

For three years in a row now, Memorial Day has meant wedding.  My streak may be broken after this; the only engaged person I know (besides the friend getting married this fall) is my cousin, who most certainly is not getting married Memorial Day weekend.  (For those of us from Indiana, Memorial Day is synonymous with something, and it’s not “wedding.”)  But I suppose a year is a long time… so who knows.

In fact, it has not just been attending a wedding- this is the third Memorial Day weekend that has involved the honor of being in a wedding.  While I can’t compete with the girl from 27 dresses, I am becoming an expert.  And I actually really enjoy it.

And as for my wedding resume over the years, it’s not just about being a bridesmaid.  I’m also an experienced wedding lector.  And I believe at one point I took up the gifts at a wedding.

But this weekend adds a whole new line to that resume. Stay tuned.


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