Finally… anthems done right.

We’ve all witnessed some pretty bad renditions of the National Anthem.  The people lucky enough to be at the Yankees game last week (or the Orioles game a few days later) actually heard both the Canadian anthem and our National anthem sung well.

Because they were sung by none other than Ramin Karimloo.  You know, the guy with the amazing voice that I can’t stop posting about?

Well, here you go.  (Try to ignore that lady at the beginning who seems to just be realizing the Yankees are playing the Blue Jays).


Oh, and you know how I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was checking Ramin’s tour dates to make sure he wasn’t sneaking a Nashville date in there without me knowing?  He had a gap of time and I was just sure that he was going to be in my backyard. (well, not literally)

Sure enough, one night he tweeted that he was in Nashville.  That’s the downside of living in this beautiful city… artists occasionally pop in to meet with producers, record, or just simply enjoy music themselves.  So they’re in your city… but you can’t exactly just wander around the city looking for them, can you?  That’s a bit creepy.  And I have a job, anyway.

It appears from his Twitter feed that he hung out in one of the parks a few miles away from where I work and played some music one afternoon.  And I just had to read about it. Oh well.

Tonight I enjoyed a free concert that included The Time Jumpers, Mikky Ekko, and Sheryl Crow.  So I can’t complain too much.

Although I’d rather hear Ramin sing the alphabet than an hour long concert of pretty much anyone else.



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