“For your hardness of heart…” Mk 10:5

Pet peeve.  Ascension Sunday.  Second and related pet peeve: Priests who try to rationalize it away and make us feel better about it.

Twice in a week I’ve heard a priest say (with a smile) that the feast was moved because we’re too busy as a country to go to Mass on a Thursday, and it’s just too important  of a feast to miss.

Um, so let’s move Christmas to a Sunday.  Because that’s pretty important, too.

I don’t mean any disrespect to a priest or bishop who thinks moving the Ascension to a Sunday is a good thing.  Yes, it is a very important feast day, and it’s the least-appreciated part of the Paschal Mystery.  We talk a lot about Jesus’ death and resurrection and then Pentecost, and somehow miss the Ascension.

But don’t try to rationalize moving a feast day.  People didn’t go to Mass on a Holy Day of Obligation.  That’s a problem that needs fixing. So one solution was to move the Feast.

Another solution would be to preach the necessity of going to Mass on Holy Days.

Those dioceses who moved the feast didn’t do anything wrong — but let’s be honest. It was because of our hardness of heart.  Let’s not pat ourselves on the back for it.


2 thoughts on ““For your hardness of heart…” Mk 10:5

  1. Amy says:

    I went to a local parish (not mine) the last weekend of October, 2012. I picked up a bulletin and read that “November 1 is a VERY IMPORTANT day in the Church year, and the Mass schedule for this VERY IMPORTANT day will be…” I kid you not – caps and everything. I scoured the entire bulletin for the words “Holy Day of Obligation” – nada. Of course it’s a very important day…but let’s teach why, and why we have the obligation to go to Mass to celebrate it.

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