Things to do & Things I am doing

Things I should be doing

1. Laundry

2. Mopping my concrete floors

3. Working on the class I start teaching in 12 days

4. Looking over the Bible study training I’m helping present in 10 days

5. Grading papers

6. Exercising

7. Writing the meaningful blog post that’s in my head

8. Reading the book that was chosen for book club that meets in 8 days

9. Sleeping


Things I’m doing

1. Driving all the way over to World Market to take advantage of their Nutella sale (no joke. Nutella was 40% off there today) only to find out that they are sold out of Nutella.

2. Reading tweets

3. Checking Ramin Karimloo’s tour dates every other day to make sure he hasn’t snuck Nashville in there when I wasn’t looking

4. Eating ice cream

5. Listening to my lovely neighbor play the piano (this happens every other night and I love it.)

6. Watching this video on YouTube and laughing hysterically.  Why am I just now seeing this?

(You’re welcome.)


7 thoughts on “Things to do & Things I am doing

  1. Megan says:

    Things I should be doing: sleeping.
    Things I am doing: planning the perfect Steeplechase ensemble and wondering how I will travel with the necessary chapeau.

  2. Amy says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one doing all manner of other things besides what I SHOULD be doing! I SHOULD be cleaning & cooking & mowing for the social I’m hosting in 3 days, planning lessons for the class that starts in 19 days…instead, I’m doing the same sorts of things you’re doing except chasing the Nutella sale (but only because I didn’t know about the Nutella sale).
    The video is a riot. I love how the other guy just keeps eating no matter what.

  3. Jane says:

    Joannie, this video was making its way around our studio a week or so ago. Hysterical!! Love the T-Rex and lizard the best. The blooper reel is also very funny. These same two guys have done a whole series of things, and the video about various approaches to disciplining your child is a gut-buster.

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