Come and have breakfast

We obeyed Jesus this morning and after Mass went out to breakfast.

One thing I love about my little parish is that it’s in a neighborhood.  There used to be a little coffee shop around the corner and I walked there after Mass a few times.  It has since closed, so I obviously should have walked there more often.  This morning I convinced my friends to try a new restaurant a few blocks from the church, and when one of my friends suggested walking, I gladly agreed.


It was a beautiful little walk.

The destination was Red Bicycle Coffee and Crepes. I had read mixed reviews about the place, but a friend had said their crepes were good, so we all decided it was worth the risk.  Their menu looked wonderful:

IMG_3748Tons of different crepes to choose from.  I got the Wake Up, which had cheese and eggs and onions and mushrooms and my choice of meat (I chose bacon).  I also split the Nutella crepe with my friend Darcy.  Because who can resist a Nutella crepe?

I had heard the service was slow, but that wasn’t the case this morning.  I don’t think we waited longer than ten or fifteen minutes for our crepes.

And while I’m not crepe connoisseur, these were good.

This is my friend's "Bacon" crepe. It had bacon, spinach, mozzarella, and balsamic.

This is Liza’s “Bacon” crepe. It had bacon, spinach, mozzarella, and balsamic.

They were stuffed.


My “Wake Up”

And so were we.  Well, not so stuffed that I couldn’t eat this:


The crepes themselves were a little tough, but it wasn’t something I noticed except when trying to cut the Nutella crepe.  They were yummy yummy.  I’m definitely up for a return trip.

Another return trip I’ll be making is to Fat Bottom Brewery.  My friend Manda and I had wanted to go because we had coupons for a free sampler of beer.  So last Thursday, I went to Compline at the Motherhouse with Manda and her boyfriend and we headed to Fat Bottom afterwards for dinner.

There’s another brewery in town that has a taproom, but it’s basically just that — a taproom.  I couldn’t imagine going there for dinner, unless a food truck was parked outside.  Fat Bottom, on the other hand, had a great menu and the ambiance of a restaurant.  I will definitely be going back for dinner again.

I liked it as soon as we walked into the back porch/biergarten area.  Dean Martin was singing — what’s there not to like with that as a first impression?  The inside was very trendy — concrete floors, wood everywhere, and those awesome Southern lights with antique bulbs that are everywhere these days.  It’s hard to explain the vibe — they played 40s music the whole time, which was awesome, and it was very laid back but classy at the same time.


The tables were awesome, but I couldn’t get a good shot of them — really neat rustic wood with benches.  And then there were these chairs at the hightop tables and the bar:


I kind of wanted to take one home. (I don’t know if you can tell, but there are no front legs until the very bottom. Really unique.)

We all got beer samplers.  I don’t think I have had their beer before. I liked it all, but liked Ruby the best.  She’s their American Red.


Those three all sort of look the same, but it’s just the picture. The one closest to the dark one (“Black Betty”) is the red.

John Michael and I both got burgers and Manda got a Reuben.  I think everyone was very pleased.  My burger had real lettuce (no Iceberg) and the tomato looked like it was out of someone’s garden. And the potato wedges?!  Were real.


sorry about the horrible quality of the pictures. blame the mood lighting.

Their beers are all named after girls, in an 40s pinup sort of way (hence the great soundtrack to our meal).    I was sad that Java Jane wasn’t in the sampler that night, because I think I like coffee porters.  My friend Paul informed me that it wasn’t coffee porter season anyway.  So I guess I’ll have to go back in the winter.


Looks like I’m back to posting about what I ate last! : )


2 thoughts on “Come and have breakfast

  1. Megan says:

    I’d love to check out Fat Bottom next time I’m in Nashville. Ambiance and beer list sound great. But that high top chair looks iffy to me. An engineering miracle.

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