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I realize that this post risks being both pedestrian and self-centered after the exciting events of the last few months.  My stats saw quite a spike, probably because I haven’t been talking about where I ate dinner last night.  So just when I was getting into the groove of blogging about things other than myself, here we go.  A post about me.

You can blame Martha, who “nominated” me for this “award.”  And my cousin Theresa, who thought about nominating me but spared the world. : )

How Liebster works:

Thank the person who nominated you and link your post to their blog.
List 11 facts about yourself then answer the 11 questions given to you.
Create 11 more questions for your 9 nominees, all of whom have 200 or less followers.
Comment on their blogs informing them of their Liebster Award nomination.

Thank you, Martha, for nominating me for this award.  🙂

Facts about myself:

1. I am shy in large social settings.  Torture for me is walking into a room where I don’t know anyone and everyone is standing around talking.  On the flip side, I can talk your ear off and I have no trouble teaching groups of 200+ adults.  I rarely even get nervous before talking in front of large groups anymore.  But small talk with no wing man?

2. Looking back over the first third of my life, one of the things for which I’m most grateful is the incredible people I’ve met.  Despite my fear of social situations, I have had the opportunity to meet and experience some amazing people, mostly in the Catholic world.  Some of them I’ve kept in touch with, some of them I haven’t, but all of them have made a difference in my life somehow.  I think if I could make a resume up of all the people I’ve encountered at some time or another, it’d be a very rich list.  And I know they’ve all been complete gifts.

3. My favorite color is orange.  Pretty much everyone who knows me knows this. What they might not know is that my friend Mary and I felt sorry for orange when we were in junior high because no one ever said orange was their favorite color, so we made it our favorite color.  And pity for it aside, I really do love it.  It’s so… happy.

4. I recently made the National Anthem of Vatican City my ringtone. It was partly because everyone seems to have the same iPhone ring (“old phone”) and so I never knew whether it was my phone or someone else’s.  I’ve yet to be in the grocery store and have someone else’s phone ring with the Pontifical Anthem. I actually got the idea from a story Lino Rulli told – his uncle is a papal nuncio for some country, and it’s his ringtone.  One day when he was meeting with Pope Benedict, his cell phone went off (how embarrassing!) and the Pope noted, “That should be my ringtone.” I don’t know if it’s a true story, but I thought it was hilarious.

5. I love to write and like to say things in eight words that could probably be said in four.  Which is why this Liebster thing is going to take me forever.  Let’s cut to the chase…

6. At various points in my life I’ve taken Spanish, Latin, German, and Italian.  I only know English.

7. That being said, if I could have knowledge of anything instantaneously infused into my brain, it would be languages.

8. My favorite current TV shows are White Collar and Person of Interest.

9. I can quote Win A Date With Tad Hamilton better than I’d like to admit.

10. If I could win a date with any single, straight actor, it would be Richard Armitage.

11. My confirmation saint is Clare.

Questions from Martha:

1. What was the last thing you ate?
A spinach salad.

2. List the three songs you are currently listening to the most.
This one is hard for me, because I’m doing a lot of Pandora listening lately, so it’s been a mix.

  1. The Vatican National Anthem… because it plays every time my phone rings (see #4 above)
  2. Anything by the Sheytoons (mostly Broken)
  3. My sister’s Michael Buble Pandora channel

3. What was your first concert?
I would like to say Tom Petty. Or the Everly Brothers.  Or Herman’s Hermits.  But sadly… I think it was Yanni.  Tom Petty was in high school, the other two were in junior high.  And Yanni was when I was in middle school.  My mother corrupted me early, apparently.  So I went from Yanni to Tom Petty.  What does that say?

4. Who is your favorite spiritual/faith figure?
Pope Benedict- for his writing, the way he celebrated the Mass, and the impact he’s had on my life.

5. Do you have a strange habit that you could divulge to the internet world?
I sleepwalk.  Is that strange enough?

6. Why did you begin blogging?
I originally started blogging under a pen name, thinking that my brilliance and insight would propel me to fame and then I could say, “Hey, it’s been me this whole time!”  That fantasy didn’t last long.  I really fell in love with blogging when I was in Rome, with my JoaninRome blog.  Returning to the States was bittersweet in so many ways, but one of the things I really missed was blogging.

7. Name a pet peeve.
Wow, there are so many.  If I had to just choose one, I’d say those people who fly past a long line of cars just to merge at the very end.  I used to have to deal with this every day on my commute.  We’d all be lined up to get on the interstate, and people would fly past us on the left just to want to merge at the very end.  I never let them in.  And I never felt guilty about it.  Do you think I’m not in a hurry, too?  Don’t you realize you’re making this insane back up even worse?

8. Your first car.
A blue Pontiac Grand Am.  I still miss her.

9. Where would you like to be on vacation right now?
Rome and Assisi

10. What do you do when you can’t fall asleep?
I can’t remember the last time I had trouble falling asleep.  But I usually pray the rosary or read.

11. What luxury do you wish you could indulge in on a regular basis?
Travel.  If I had a more flexible work schedule, I’d travel all the time.  My  to-do list is long.  (Ironically, I travel all over the state for work.)

My Turn

Here are my 11 questions:

1. If you could be a fictional character for a day, who would you be?

2. What is your favorite book of the Bible?

3. What is your favorite thing to cook or bake?

4. What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

5. Do you subscribe to any magazines?

6. Mac or PC?

7. What is your favorite city in the United States?

8. What is your go-to meal for Fridays in Lent?

9.  If you could spend the day with someone in history, what date in history would you spend with whom?

10. If you could have a superpower, what would you want and why?

11. Winter or Summer?

My disclaimers before nominating:

1) I’m sorry if any of you have over 200 followers and I’m insulting you by nominating you. It’s not intentional.

2) You don’t have to do this.  Really.  My nominator told me that, so I’m telling you that too.

3) I’m sorry if you’ve already been nominated and posted this and I somehow missed it.



Sarah D.






Sarah A.



4 thoughts on “the Liebster

  1. I enjoyed reading this, Joannie. Re: #4: I’m listening to it now. 🙂 Is it what the band played out in the rain while we waited (and waited and waited) for Pope Francis to come out?

    • joanallegretti says:

      Yep, that’s it! When Pope Francis was just standing there, right after he came out, and everyone wondered why he was just standing there doing nothing, I later realized that the band was playing the Anthem. So what was he supposed to do? If we were standing somewhere and a band started playing the Star Spangled Banner, wouldn’t we just stand there respectfully?

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