Pope Squared

(That subject line is in jest, of course.  I really don’t think we have two Popes.  So put down the phone you were dialing – you don’t need to call the Bishop about me.)

I wanted to come on my blog and publicly admit I was wrong.  (I’m getting good at this, after the whole resignation vs abdication thing.)

I thought we would never see Pope Benedict again. In fact, I was kind of a wreck after watching him go to Castel Gandolfo because I missed him turning away from the balcony and I thought that was my last chance to ever see him, except in archived video.

Well, speaking of video, we had the chance to see him yesterday. I was really surprised when they released pictures and video of Pope Francis meeting with his predecessor.  But here it is.

Some notes:

1) I feel like it’s been much longer than 24 days since we last saw Benedict.  It was almost jarring to see him after the sede vacante, the conclave, and the election.  Part of me wishes I didn’t have the chance to see this meeting, because it reminded me how much I miss him.  But more of me is glad I got to see him again and glad to see him with Pope Francis.

2) What is up with the guys in mylar suits?  They made me crack up during the poignant arrival at Castel Gandolfo, and now they’re back.  I suppose I can see the need for firemen in case something goes wrong, but standing at the door of the helicopter?  Really?  And why do they look like something out of a Mystery Science Theatre film?

3) I love Benedict at 0:40, rushing over to tell Francis to kneel at the special prie-dieu.  We rarely get a chance to see him doing something so unscripted. “Hey- I put this prie-dieu out for you, because you’re the Pope, remember?!” And Francis is like, “Let’s kneel over here together, okay?”  (He actually said, “We are brothers.”)

3) At 1:56-2:02, you can see Archbishop Ganswein plotting an elaborate practical joke with someone else in the room – apparently they are going to convince the Popes to swap for a day and throw everyone for a loop.


One thought on “Pope Squared

  1. Amy says:

    “Pope Swap” – rofl! and lol at #2!
    I was stunned to see how frail Benedict looked. Has he aged in 24 days or did I just not notice how aged he’d become before he stepped down?
    A beautiful meeting…historic.

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