The heroes

My sister doesn’t see herself as a hero.  We’ve talked about it before.  She goes throughout her day doing what moms are supposed to do. She wipes noses.  She answers a million questions.  She makes muffins.

And perhaps those things don’t make her a hero.  That’s just life, right?

But what she and her husband did on October 22 – and every day after that – does make them heroes.

They chose to give John Paul a chance.

On October 22, Jill discovered from her doctor that her son was developing without arms.  No one had answers to the million questions that have surfaced since that day.  Why did this happen?  What other medical complications will he have? What will life be like now?

God had given John Paul life.  And God had given John Paul to them for a reason.  And they accepted that gift.

Today John Paul came into this world, thanks to his loving and courageous parents.  In our sophisticated world full of medical advancements, many would have advised his parents to make a different choice.

But they chose to be heroes.


5 thoughts on “The heroes

  1. Please tell them they have been a remarkable inspiration for our family. I have seen a couple updates on his status, and it moves me to tears…not because of John Paul’s condition, but because of the truly Christ-like love his parents are displaying. After finding out about his condition, John Paul’s parents did exactly what we as Christians are supposed to do – they asked “why not” instead of “why us.” That is a response I will always remember and try to emulate. Continued prayers for John Paul and all family members involved.

  2. Alyssa Hichborn says:

    Your sister is a wonderful woman with a strong husband! I feel privileged to know them both. God has a unique plan for them and their baby.

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