Fun links for Papal watch

I thought I’d pass along some fun links while we wait for the smoke.  Hopefully by now everyone has downloaded the Conclave app or signed up for the popealarm.  At least don’t depend on this blog to notify you when it happens — I’ll be going nuts.

Once the smoke comes, we await the announcement.  Who?  What name?  And all that fun stuff.

Quid est in nomine? Latin Name is Key Clue

We went nuts when Cardinal Estévez said “Josephum.”  But will it be as telling this time?

If you’re quick on the draw: Alphabetical List of Cardinal Electors’ First Names in Latin

We have a sign up sheet here at work for people to put down their guesses for the Cardinal, what number of ballots it will take, and what name he will choose.

Because it seems that it’s still anyone’s game: French Cardinal Says Race Still Wide Open

I think it’ll be the 7th vote.  I’m still conflicted about who it will be — I currently think Ouellet.  But if it takes 7 votes, will it be more of a wild-card candidate?  And I guessed he would take the name Gregory XVII.  My guesses will probably change hourly, though.  And in 2005, I was correct about the number of ballots, but nothing else.

Put your guesses in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Fun links for Papal watch

  1. Amy says:

    I’m really surprised you didn’t guess Ratzinger. Was it the “In a pope, out a cardinal” adage that threw you?

    Curious why you think the name will be Gregory?

    I can’t get ANY work done for checking the news. I’m SUPPOSED to be cutting back on the internet for Lent!! 🙂

    • joanallegretti says:

      You didn’t share your guess!

      Gregory has been in my head lately — probably due to a conversation with my cousin about how to name her daughter after the Pope if his name is Gregory. : ) But he was also known for being against the secular modern world and I think we need a good anti-modernist now and again. : )

      I wonder if John Paul and Benedict are too fresh in our minds, and the new Pope will want to go farther back into history? I think Leo XIV is a pretty fun guess, too.

      • Amy says:

        You sure I won’t be excommunicated for this? I guess since we’re not exchanging money…

        O’Malley chosen on the 5th ballot b/c of his experience dealing w/ priest scandal, b/c of his being a religious, and because I think it would be exciting to have an American. He takes the name JPIII (just because I like that name).
        It’s all about me!

        In all seriousness, why Gregory? JPII and Benedict were chosen for important reasons. I’m sure you have a reason behind Gregory.

      • joanallegretti says:

        I almost guessed O’Malley.

        If it’s the 7th vote, like I think it will be, it’s more likely to be O’Malley than Ouellet.

    • joanallegretti says:

      Oh, and I didn’t guess Ratzinger because I thought he was too good to be true and possibly too old. Oh, and I didn’t WANT it to be Ratzinger because I wanted to go to his private Mass in the German college the following Thursday morning. haha. Good thing God doesn’t listen to me.

      • Amy says:

        Thanks for finishing the Gregory comment. Interesting reasons, and I thought Leo was a good guess too.

        I almost guessed Ouellet. I think, based on what I’ve heard, that I don’t want a European unless he can break through some of the managerial difficulties we keep hearing about. But the bottom line is, I just want a pope who will lead us courageously & faithfully in these strange times. I think it would be wonderful for the Church in the US and Canada if it were either of those men.

        And, I’m talking about all this from a human perspective. In the end, God knows what we need…may the cardinals hear His voice and choose accordingly!

  2. Haus Frau says:

    My random off the wall guess with no news backing to credit it is:

    Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, and Leo XIV.

    Because I actually came up with it a month ago. ;)-

    Oh, and 5th ballot.

  3. Brian says:

    Tagle, 7th ballot, JPIII. I like O’Malley too though. If they can get past the anti-superpower sentiment, he’s definitely the best choice.

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