Final Papabile thoughts

I didn’t have time to do many Papabile of the Day entries.  As I have before, I recommend checking out John Allen’s series (and if you downloaded the Conclave app from Verbum, they’re all there, too).

I would have liked to mention Burke, because if an American has a chance, I think it’s either O’Malley, Burke, or Wuerl (and if it’s Wuerl,I hope my friend Mike can arrange for a private audience next time I’m in the Eternal City).

I would have also liked to look more into Cardinal Odilo Scherer  (who has the middle name Pedro! ahh!), Cardinal Peter Erdo (ahh! another Peter!), Cardinal Robert Sarah (whose confirmation name is Peter!!  ahh–just kidding) and Cardinal Bergoglio (who was one of my picks in 2005).

In the end, it would have been safest to cover all 115 cardinals, I suppose, except for maybe Cardinal Mahoney, so that I could say “I blogged about him!” when he came out on the loggia.

Or maybe it’s someone outside the conclave?


Haha, just kidding.  I just wanted to post that picture.

Early rise tomorrow – Mass for the conclave begins at 4:00am Central Time!



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