Can they do it without me?

For those who have talked with me in the past three weeks, you know I’ve been a fickle, indecisive girl when it comes to going to Rome.  After 2005, I decided I wouldn’t witness Benedict’s funeral and subsequent conclave on television.  So I began saving my money.

So then everything happened with the abdication, and I originally thought it would work to my advantage.  I could plan farther ahead, knowing when the abdication took affect, when the General Congregations might start, etc, and I could therefore buy more reasonable plane tickets than I would have been able to had I been going over for a funeral.

But then the conclave wasn’t announced and wasn’t announced and wasn’t announced, and I was in the tricky situation of trying to decide whether to take my chances and buy plane tickets and just hope for the best — or risk spending a bunch of money to go over there and miss it all.  My time off from work window was March 11-19.

Family situations meant I really wanted to be in the States on March 11, with the arrival of my new nephew, so that pushed the window to the 12-19.  But I was still hesitant to buy tickets.

….Now we all know the conclave will begin March 12.  Most likely, they will vote once the evening of the 12th and then vote four times on the 13th.

I could fly out on the 12th and return on the 19th and most likely see the white smoke in person.  Most likely.

And yet, I made the very hard decision this morning to stay put.  As much as I would like to be with my friend Jenny and be in the Square for that historic moment, I have decided to remain on American soil and watch it on television.  The Cardinals can do it without me.

Don’t forget to continue praying for our dear Cardinals during this time.  They have a heavy burden on their shoulders.  May they be open to the Holy Spirit and spend the next few days in fruitful discussion and prayer.

(and may I do a better job sucking it up and instead spend my energy getting everyone around me as giddy as I will be the 13th. Or 14th.)

benedict election


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