Walter Kasper

Everyone loves a good conspiracy.

At first glance, no one would ever say Cardinal Kasper was papabile…

Until they hear this.

Cardinals can vote in a conclave until they reach their 80th birthday, correct?  Well, sort of.  Under John Paul II, the rule was changed that any cardinal who is under 80 at the time the see falls vacant can vote in the conclave.

Cardinal Walter Kasper turns 80 on March 5.  He will enter the conclave and vote, despite being over 80 years old.

Anyone wonder why Pope Benedict decided to abdicate?  And decided to abdicate on February 28, 2013?

Because Cardinal Kasper is supposed to be the next Pope.

Why he won’t… There are reasons.  This theory is ludicrous… but it sure has a potential of getting me in the National Enquirer.  Or maybe on CNN.


2 thoughts on “Walter Kasper

  1. okay in all seriousness, after Mass this morning (and after I had already read this post) we were lounging at our usual ‘buona Dominica’ cafe and who happened to walk by but … Walter Casper. I only know because one of the guys sitting with us is a photographer with CNS and he said, “oh look, there’s Cardinal Casper.” I almost broke my neck turning to look at the next pope…lol.

    • joanallegretti says:

      Haha! I love it! I want to lounge at a cafe with you. Although things are looking less and less likely for that to happen soon.

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