ti vogliamo bene, Papa!

The coverage was amazing — the sweeping shots of Rome, the sunset over Castel Gandolfo just as the CTV cameras were finishing live coverage.  I only avoided completely losing it in tears thanks to the commentators, whose statements were at times erroneous or unintentionally humorous and took my mind off the fact that this was the last time I was probably ever going to see my beloved friend.


I took this picture on Palm Sunday in 2008, and it is how I will always remember him.  Beautiful, eloquent, and fatherly.

I already miss him.


6 thoughts on “ti vogliamo bene, Papa!

  1. We may be religious or not, we may agree or disagree with Pope Benedict’s views, but in my opinion, we have to admire a decision that places the best interest of the Catholic Church above his own prestige.

    • joanallegretti says:

      I bet we were. : ) And I noticed the same thing last night about the webcam. With Italy, you never quite know if something like that is intentional. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. This whole thing has been very beautifully, poignantly orchestrated.

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