To Members of the Press

I did my first interview with this press this afternoon.

Not my first ever, but my first since the announcement of Pope Benedict’s abdication.

Sounds important, huh?

It was with our diocesan paper, and apparently my reputation as local Vaticanista had preceded me.

Or the editor remembered that I had given a presentation on Pope Benedict at our annual Theological and Catechetical Forum.

Same thing, right?

Well, just so everyone knows, I’m on a roll.  So for anyone else from the press who wants to contact me, I’m ready.

One pet peeve, however… please don’t refer to this as Pope Benedict’s “retirement.”  I’m seeing that even on reputable Catholic sites.  He is not a pro-basketball player.  He will not be going on the talk show circuit, nor will he be moving to The Villages.  The Papacy is an office, not a job.

He’s also not resigning.  That’s another word that’s being thrown around liberally, and George Weigel correctly pointed out that he can’t resign — he has no one to resign to.

He’s abdicating.

Minor word, major theology.

End of P.S.A.


5 thoughts on “To Members of the Press

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks…I admit I’m guilty on “resigning”…used it first echoing the story I heard, when I was too stunned to think about it; continued to use it in ecumenical places like Facebook so my non-Catholic friends would understand me. I know; I should have taken advantage of a teachable moment. [face palm]

    Congrats on your press interviews! You could be Nashville’s premier Vaticanista!

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