Last December, my foodie friend Manda and I treated ourselves to Silo to celebrate our birthdays, which are a week apart.  We had wanted to try the new restaurant since we saw it during our Goo Goo Dessert adventure, and our birthdays seemed like the perfect excuse.  We had even heard that they were still carrying the Goo Goo dessert.

Silo is calls their cuisine “elevated Southern” and is known for “Farm to Fork” dining, meaning that everything there– even the tables, the china, the decor- comes from the surrounding area.

Manda and I were fans as soon as we walked in — it was cozy and yet classy, with beautiful Southern touches, like dried cotton plants in a vase at the hostess’ stand and the water served in Bulleit Bourbon bottles.  Add a few other fun touches, like an outdoor extension of the bar that included a fire pit, and we were quite enamored.


We started off with cocktails, but sadly I’ve let too much time pass before blogging about the night, so I forget which ones we chose.  I may have gotten a Winter’s Pimms, a variation of my favorite Pimms’ cup but with wintery touches like brandy.  And I think Manda got the Silo Cobbler, which had house-infused Silo vodka and mulled wine.  But I honestly forget — I just remember we both liked our choices.

For our first course, we decided to be brave and got the deviled farm eggs, three ways.  They have different kinds of deviled eggs based on the day and what is in season.  They were very original, but once again, I’ve forgotten exactly what they each were.  One of them had fig, one of them had sauerkraut, and one of them had pickled cauliflower.  They were all fantastic.  Each one was so different, yet they all were still deviled eggs at heart.


For our entrees, Manda chose the Fudge Farms pork chop and sweet potato mash with jalapeño apple butter.  I think it was the jalapeño apple butter that wooed her the most. : )


I had the flat iron steak and fingerling potato salad, with Asher Bleu cheese foundue.  I had the bleu cheese fondue on the side, since I’m not a huge bleu cheese fan.  But it was pretty darn good.


Of course, the highlight of the meal was the chocolate-peanut butter pie with Goo Goo cluster topping.  I thought it would be fluffy, like a mousse.  But it was quite dense… like a enormous piece of fudge.   I couldn’t quite taste the peanut butter, but it didn’t matter.  A nice touch was the crust — it was more like a shortbread cookie than a typical pie crust.


If it was fudge, you would have eaten one piece and then sworn it was too rich to eat any more.  And yet… we managed to finish half a piece each. : ) (Don’t worry, we both took the rest home to enjoy later!)

Silo gets an A in my book.  Great service, wonderful ambiance, and tasty food that didn’t sacrifice quality for originality.  Their menu changes seasonally, so I’m looking forward to treating myself again before too long!


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