Ordinary Days, Extraordinary Calling

This being the first day of Ordinary Time in the Church, I thought it was only fitting that I post on Ordinary Time.

Even if I didn’t have much to say.

Some days I feel like every day is ordinary.  Other days I feel like no day is.

But regardless of whether life is monotonous or capricious, the fact remains that this is the life we were given, ordinary or not so ordinary, and it was given to us so that we can do something with it.  And that’s an extraordinary responsibility.

The talents were handed to us not so we can go bury them, but so that we can do something with them.  At the end of our lives we won’t be asked whether our life was exciting or boring.  We’ll be asked what we did with the life we were given.  If we were given a lot of laundry to fold, we’ll be asked whether we folded it for the greater glory of God.  If we were given an exotic job in Aruba, we’ll be asked what we did there to further the kingdom of God.

Most of Mary’s life was spent washing clothes and cooking dinner. Talk about Ordinary Time.  But she did it as the handmaid of the Lord.  And that made all the difference.

Happy Ordinary Time.


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