More Music

I spent a lovely Music City evening listening to an adorable duo, Jenny and Tyler, at a concert that was part of East Side Storytellin’, an evening of book readings, musical performances, and author/musician interviews, sponsored by East Side Story, an all-local bookstore.

It was one of those evenings that makes this city unique.  It reminded me of another event I attended in the Fall, which reminded me that I haven’t blogged about it yet, which reminded me of five other things I haven’t blogged about yet…

So until I get around to blogging about all those other things, I thought I would provide some musical entertainment for you, courtesy of a band my brother-in-law found and nicely shared with my sister and me.  We mustn’t overlook how charitable and selfless this act was… because he surely knew we would immediately become smitten (more smitten then we already were; but more about that later).

I won’t say any more — I’m saving it for a future post– but be prepared to love these guys. And make note to remember this when I blog about Les Mis (most likely my next post).

Please meet… Sheytoons:



Enjoy. I’ll be back.



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