Catholics vs Cousins

I find this story mildly amusing.

Who Made Those Catholics vs Cousin T-Shirts?

‘Bama fans are up and arms about stereotypes?  Seriously?  Maybe you should think twice complaining about stereotypes to Catholics. We had dead fish thrown at our (Catholic) high school growing up.  And that was in the North!

And can I state the obvious?  Fighting Irish?  You want to talk about stereotypes? Haha.  At least we have a sense of humor.

“The characterization is tired, inaccurate, and playing on stereotypes of ignorance and lack of cultural sophistication,” Frederickson says. “It’s not only ignorant, it’s wrong.”

Waaaaah. Try being a Catholic in the Bible Belt if you want to talk about stereotypes of ignorance and a lack of cultural sophistication.

I loved this quote too: Jim Cobb, a history professor at the University of Georgia, and former president of the Southern Historical Association, says such ridicule is one of the reasons why so many fans of Alabama’s rival teams in the Southeastern Conference, like his own Georgia Bulldogs, are pulling for the Crimson Tide. “Southern loyalties in games like these trump intra-regional hostilities,” says Cobb. “The SEC is more than a football conference. It’s a manifestation of regional identity.”

I’ll take your regional identity and raise you a hundred.

Why do you think immigrants pulled for Notre Dame football?  Football being a manifestation of something greater?  Welcome to the story of Notre Dame football since 1887.

Thanks for playing.

And remember, your mom says to root for the Irish tonight.


One thought on “Catholics vs Cousins

  1. jwatson313 says:

    Love it! And don’t let those SEC fans act like they love each other. Just ask your cousin JW who goes to Ole Miss!

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