It’s finished.

Ten weeks ago, I began teaching Church history.  I remember teaching that first night and being hit with the reality that I was going to have to teach again in two days.  A completely different lesson.  And then the Tuesday after that, and the Thursday after that… for ten weeks.  2000 years.  I thought, “This is going to be a loonnng fall.”

And now it’s over.  We had our last class tonight:  World War II, Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI.

I ended with my testimony of John Paul’s death and Benedict’s election, and then told them to be not afraid.  We studied a lot of grim things over the past ten weeks.  We looked at the ups and the downs.  But you know what?  We looked at the same war, the same battles.  Just with different names.

The world is against the Church, as it’s always been against the Church.  But be not afraid.  NOT because we don’t have anything to be afraid of.  We do.  Anyone who has studied history can tell you there are dark days ahead.

We are told “Be not afraid” because we have the answers to those dark days.  Christ.

I may have teared up as I told them it had been a privilege to be a part of their formation.  And I may have gotten choked up with they gave me hugs.  And I may have teared up when I just read their course evaluations.

They’re a great group of guys, and I was honored to teach them something I’m passionate about… the story of our family.

Even though it means getting my life back… I’m really going to miss them.


3 thoughts on “It’s finished.

  1. Mom says:

    I’m sure they will miss you too! A teacher who loves her subject is the best teacher of all because she passes that love on to her students.

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