Recent email exchange

So everyone knows that The Hobbit comes out Friday. And most people also know that my birthday is Friday.  Why did I hem and haw about what to do for my birthday?  Hellooo??  If anyone wants to join us, it’s dinner and drinks followed by an evening showing of The Hobbit.  I already have my tickets.

But for the record, Thorin is mine.

This was the recent email exchange between my sister and I:

Me: Forget his piercing dark eyes and his amazing accent.  This has me swooning more than any of that:

“One of the things I find when I look into that book [The Hobbit] is a sense of Tolkien’s Catholicism, his Christianity – not necessarily in a denominational way, but in terms of his chivalric view of the world, his nobility which is expressed through kindness and mercy. It’s present in most of his characters and I find that inspiring.” – Richard Armitage

Jill: wow.  really?  did he really say that?  good grief.

Me: Yeah.  I’m pretty sure we’re going to get married now.

Jill: i would be all for that.

Maybe we could all sing “Far over the misty mountains cold” at family gatherings. Just as long as he didn’t go insane and hide his secret Russian past from us all.

Update: What was I thinking?  His eyes are blue.  So blue.


5 thoughts on “Recent email exchange

  1. Haus Frau says:

    Awesome e-mail exchange. Awesome song.

    I am so buying that song when it is released tomorrow. And if I don’t burn the soundtrack to my compy before I wrap it up and give it to my sisters-in-law for Christmas…..

    Happy Birthday on Friday. The Man of the Haus and I have a date to see the movie on Sunday! yippee!

    • Haus Frau says:

      Just trivia here–at 7am when I downloaded the song, “Misty Mountains Cold” was by far the most popular song. With good reason.

  2. Amy says:

    Such a great celebration to see The Hobbit on your birthday! Have fun & post a movie review. And I hope Thorin comes along. 🙂

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