A few things

I don’t know when the “7 Quick Takes” Day is, because I never can think of quick takes on that day.  But I need to update this thing, and the only brain power I have right now is to randomly state various things about my life in no particular order.  There may be 7.  There may not be.  So this is not 7 Quick Takes, but “A few things.”

1. My life is starting to stop spinning.  Have I mentioned I’m busy?  Have I mentioned that I’ve wanted to teach more and now God answered that prayer by dumping into my lap probably more than I should be handling right now?  One of my classes ended and another one is about to, so pretty soon I will just be teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  But the days of being prepped for class before the day before are long gone (I haven’t seen those days since the second week of class), so every waking moment that’s not at work is still spent reading and trying to get ready for the next class.  I’ve resigned myself to having no life for three more weeks.

2. Tonight’s topic was the Enlightenment and the French Revolution.  We read Voltaire and Hume and Robespierre.  I think we all miss the days of reading St Patrick or King St Louis or the Rule of St. Benedict.

3. I also spoke to some of the girls at the local all-girls Catholic academy this morning before work.  So I left my apartment at 6:45 to go speak, went to work from 8-4, prepped for class from 4-6:45, taught from 7-9, and was back home at 9:30. That’s my life.

4. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my sister Jill. Contrary to her wonderings, I never wished I had made other plans.  I did miss my other siblings and Mom and Dad, but I was definitely glad I spent the holiday with P & J and the boys.  Even if I’m now sick. ; )  It was worth it.

5. On my late night flight back, there were 8 guitars on the flight.  And one man wearing a cowboy hat.  I wonder what city we were headed to, hm?

6. My apartment is an absolute wreck.  (see #1)  It’s in the state where you desperately pray no one stops by for a surprise visit, especially your mother.  It’s so bad I’m kind of going nuts — which is big for me.  Piles everywhere.  Ugh.  I realized that I haven’t had friends over since before Labor Day (why?  see #1) and I really want to clean up and decorate for Christmas and have people over.  Maybe after December 18.

7. Sister was planning the calendar for the office today and she asked me to look over the dates to make sure she wasn’t missing anything.  We teach on Saturdays, and we have to plan pretty far out.  So we’re not talking about the 2013 calendar.  We’re talking about the 2013-2014 school calendar.  Which means I was looking at Saturdays in 2014.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have many conflicts in April of 2014 yet.  When I went into her office, though, she said something about, “So that first Saturday in April, what do you think about teaching in Nashville that weekend?”  I joked, “What if I’m getting married that weekend?!”

She told me I could have off for my wedding.  But I pointed out that I would want her to come.  So she put a note in the email to the superintendent of schools and the diocesan coordinator in Knoxville, “Dates for Spring 2014 (unless Joan decides to get married on one of these days)”  I have a feeling I’m going to get some questions from them. : )

8. I saw Vince Gill two weeks ago.  I was waiting for a friend outside a fast casual restaurant right down the street from work (to eat dinner before- guess what- teaching) and he came out and walked right by me.  I would have missed him except that my friend walked up at that moment and said, “Did you see who just walked by you?”  I probably wouldn’t have noticed him otherwise — he doesn’t stand out like Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman when they walk into Mass.  I’m thinking I’ve probably seen him or Amy Grant before and not even really noticed.  If I ever do run into Amy Grant, and I recognize her, I hope I have the guts to go thank her for giving me the soundtrack for endless hours rollerskating in my garage circa 1992.

8. I realized I have several things I never blogged about, like Goo Goo Cluster Month.  So stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “A few things

    • joanallegretti says:

      I’m teaching Church History to the men in the diocese who are in formation for the permanent diaconate. 10 weeks, 2 nights a week, 2 hours a class period. So 20 classes, 40 hours, 2,000 years of Church History.
      It’s been fun!

  1. Hi Joannie! I’ve just recently re-discovered your blog. Did you ever post about seeing Keith and Nicole at Mass? Didn’t know they were Catholic. In the DC area, you might get to see a Supreme Court justice or congressman at church (NOT that I would ever pay notice, holy as I am ;). In Nashville, you get music and movie stars. 🙂

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