a glimpse of my life

This is where I spend most of my “free” time these days.  That is, when I’m not at work and I’m not standing in front of group of people teaching something, I’m sitting in this corner working.

I moved my desk out of my bedroom a few weeks ago, when I began teaching Church history.  Sitting on my couch to research and type out lessons wasn’t working.  It’s not ergonomically correct and I wasn’t productive.  I often went to coffeeshops to work where I could sit at a desk and not be distracted.

That works when you’re writing lessons every once and while… but three two-hour lessons a week… I needed to do something else.

Mom suggested the move, and I’m grateful.  I thought I would hate it, but now I love it.  And I spend my nights in that corner.  Notice the books strewn around, the laptop in its case and ready to go to class (I took this picture right before I packed up to leave). There’s a coaster that is usually supporting a glass of water or a cup of coffee, depending on the time of day.  There’s also a plastic bag that was formerly filled with carrots.  They were my appetizer before dinner tonight. (The vines and the big vase in the corner are courtesy of my landlord.)

Class went well tonight.  I’m glad I don’t have to prep for Saturday’s lesson on the Incarnation — I’ve already taught it four times, so I’ll look it over Saturday morning, but don’t need to write anything before then.  But there’s no time to rest — it’s time to prep for Monday night’s lecture on Lumen Gentium and Tuesday night’s lecture on the Avignon Papacy, Catherine of Siena, the Black Death, and John Wyclif.  Then Thursday is the Renaissance, humanism, the rebuilding of St. Peter’s, Joan of Arc, Columbus, the Reconquista, and then I leave Friday to teach in Kingsport, TN (sixth time I teach the Incarnation), then lecture on Dei Verbum on Monday…

Anyone else tired yet?



3 thoughts on “a glimpse of my life

  1. Amy says:

    That sounds like my life when I was teaching with you guys, except not quite so much variety of subject matter. I hope your work is as fun and fulfilling and filled with wonderful people as mine was. 🙂

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