The past few days, I’ve thought a lot about the whole threads vs tapestry image. You have probably heard the metaphor — that our lives are like threads in a big tapestry that God is weaving. We can only see a part of the picture, but He can see the whole thing. So whenever something happens that doesn’t make sense or seems unfair, we have to remember that we can’t know why everything happens. Every once and awhile, God may give us a glimpse of the bigger picture, so we can keep our thread in perspective.

Tuesday was the first anniversary of my good friends coming into the Church. That evening, they welcomed their first child into the world. God has a beautiful tapestry.

Today opens the Year of Faith, in which we’ll be spending the next year growing in faith, nourishing our faith, spreading our faith, and professing our faith. The Year begins today because it is the 50th Anniversary of the Opening of the Second Vatican Council (and thus also Blessed John XXIII’s feast day). One of the reasons that John XXIII chose today to open the Council was to place it under the intercession of our Blessed Mother, because today is the feast of the Maternity of Mary, to remind us that she was the Mother of God. Pius XI in 1931 instituted the feast to commemorate the 1,500 year anniversary of the Council of Ephesus, which gloriously proclaimed Mary as Mother of God.

For the next ten weeks, I’ll be teaching Church History to the men in formation for permanent diaconate. Among tonight’s topics? The Council of Nicaea, which gave us the Creed which forms the central focus of this Year of Faith, and the Council of Ephesus.

I love the way God works. I love that He always knew this is how it would work out.

I love His tapestry. Several years ago, I thought it was His Will that I return to school so I could eventually teach in a seminary, forming the men that lead our Church. That wasn’t His Will. And yet, here I am, two years later- instead of working on grad school applications, I’m teaching men who will be deacons in our Church.

May this Year be a fruitful one for all of us. May we have the strength to fight to good fight of faith. May we have the courage to spread the faith. And may it be slightly less eventful than the last Year of Faith. 1967-68. Think RFK, MLK, race riots, Vietnam…. Yes, let’s pray for a less eventful year.

But regardless of what happens, we’ll only see threads. He will know the whole picture.


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